Sr no 197 – Visually impaired percussionist Sachin Patel

197 sachin patel musician blind

Sr No. 197

Their focus on themselves, their inner being, is much better than most sighted beings like us. Because they have far less to be unnecessarily be distracted by.’

Sachin Patel (Visually impaired/blind-musician)


Sachin is a musician (percussionist) and is supported by Nayan Foundation for Performing Arts –


Sachin plays the dholak and is very committed to his profession. He is a compassionate soul, he charges a minimal fee when he is asked to perform for social cases.


As for his commitment to music, on the day of the rain-deluge earlier this month, Sachin came all the way from Diva to Vile Parle to perform at a fund-raiser hosted by Melody Marvels. Many of the audience members did not turn up for the event that stormy-rain night, but, Sachin made it in time and performed as committed. He spent nearly five hours in a taxi to reach his destination. They say, he gave one of his best performances.


(Naina Kuttappan, who runs the NGO, says … “ … One day, one of our visually impaired artist requested me to wear a saree with bold designs, a big Bindi and colourful bangles for the event. Even though he is visually impaired and will not be able to see what I am wearing, he could imagine what he believed will look good on me!


The visually impaired can only hear us, so, their imagination level is far beyond the abled/sighted! They can focus on sounds far better than us. So, they can pick up music easily.

Another thing, we, with all our 100 percent abilities, crib and curse the almighty sometimes, for our misfortunes; but, these differently abled people are always thankful for their existence, and they feel blessed to be in this world! They are usually always happy. This makes us serve them far beyond our abilities.”)


I was told, the visually impaired find it easy to go into a meditative state, unlike some sighted persons who have to make more efforts to meditate … I think, it may be because their focus on themselves, their inner being, is much better than most sighted beings like us. Because they have far less to be unnecessarily be distracted by.


(Nayan Foundation for Performing Arts is a NGO that supports a bouquet of artists – those who are ‘differently abled’, along with abled artists, and as band they perform under the name Melody Marvels Jiten Singh, of Melody Marvels, is not ‘differently abled,’ and is their (dedicated & sincere) music teacher. He himself a good singer. The NGO sponsors ‘differently abled artists’ in Dance, Drama and Music.)


Thank you Geetali Tare and Sunil Kamath for purchasing this dholak for Melody Marvels’ artists.


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Sr no 196 #SanskrutiGore (9-10) – “I get up in the morning, have a bath, eat breakfast, go to school, come home, eat lunch, clean all the jhoota bartans (vessels) after lunch and dinner, play, study, fill water in buckets from the neighborhood common water-tap 5 mins away, daily.


Sr no 196

#SanskrutiGore (9-10) – “I get up in the morning, have a bath, eat breakfast, go to school, come home, eat lunch, clean all the jhoota bartans (vessels) after lunch and dinner, play, study, fill water in buckets from the neighborhood common water-tap 5 mins away, daily.

I am learning martial art Taekwondo so i can look after myself and my family much better. I love my mother, as she looks after us. She works as a sweeper in my school.”

Both her sisters are learning Taekwondo, #ShravaniGore (6) the youngest is a gold medalist!

Thank you #AmeyaDias @ameya_dias
for buying a Taekwondo defence set for Sanskruti Gore, BMC school, Chembur.

Ameya Dias



“It’s good to giveaway something before it’s pathetic condition gives you away.” – Sr no. 195

Ramesh Salunke Minnoe Mehra

“It’s good to giveaway something before it’s pathetic condition gives you away.”
Sr no. 195
A second bicycle for Ramesh Salunke (Cobbler/Mochi), donated by Minnie P Mehra
My friends Kiran & Sheetal Shetty had donated a really cool bicycle to Ramesh in June 2017, but, when he went to his village last month someone stole his bicycle. 😦
It was stolen along with a dozen other bicycles parked in that seemingly-safe residential compound in Bandra where many others like him park their bicycles when they go away from the city. He had paid half the cost of that bicycle Sheetal had donated to him. Link below.
(Btw, this is the most common tragedy they suffer, those who ride a bicycle for their livelihood. And sometimes cops don’t make any serious effort to help them recover their stolen bicycle. Maybe because they are too occupied protecting some VIPs motorcade? 😉 )
Minnie Mehra had brought a Firefox bike for recreatinal riding, but was not keen to continue. Most importantly, before it get rusted and ruined she quickly decided to donate it to anyone deserving. So, we found one for her – Ramesh. Thank you Minnie – we are glad you gave something away before it gets bad, because even an underprivileged soul deserves the dignity of receiving a ‘used/second-hand’ item in excellent condition.
I believe, it’s good to giveaway something before it’s pathetic condition gives you away.
When Ramesh met me after Minnie handed this awesome bicyele to him, he folded his hands to thank me and was at a loss for words. He has no idea, I was at a loss of words too on seeing his silent gratitude.
It made me ponder, I have never had to fold my hands to anyone, and I thank my parents and mother nature for giving me more than I need. Sometimes I have wanted to fold my hands to thank someone, but I have been too shy to show my immense gratitude. I have sometimes touched the feet of an elder to thank them. But, I wonder why it’s difficult for some people like us who are considered ‘well-to-do’ that we cannot express our immense gratitude in the manner Ramesh can. So, what is it? Is it zaroorat/need or immense-gratitude that make us fold our hands in gratitude?
(Link to the bike Kiran & Sheetal Shetty had donated to Ramesh Salunke in June:

Sr No 193 – Tabrez. Everyone is a best friend.

Tabrez khan

Sr No. 194
Tabrez Khan (6)
“Everyone is his best friend.”
Tabrez is differently abled, he has Cerebral Palsy. He finds it a challenge to walk; and even harder is to talk coherently, so a few pearls are able to leave his lips.
Tabrez has two siblings and they both adore him and take care of him like his parents. He studies at ADAPT school, Bandra west.
Tabrez is getting older and heavier so it’s becoming harder to carry him around…. it’s time he began using more of his own legs (supported by a Walker as he has never walked on his own without an aid). That’s the advice given by his doctor. Tabrez’s school, (ADAPT, Bandra) approached us for a little assistance.
Walking with the aid of a Walker will strengthen his leg muscles and make him less dependent on someone holding him while he walks. We offered to buy a cool wheelchair for him, but his dad and his doctor said that a wheelchair for him at such a young age will not help his leg muscles develop, moreover, even his ability to balance (our ability to stay and sit etc without falling) will not develop if he is given a walker at an early age. Our donors Priyanka and Geetali agreed to buy Tabrez a Walker. 🙂 We hope he becomes more independent and stronger in spite of the Walker.
“The world will come to me,
when I am more independent and more strong,
Classy and fabulous will be my life song.”
There are many virtues in Tabrez, politeness is one for sure, his constant MASSIVE smile another, and for me one that stood out is – if someone is mean and rude to him, physically pushes him away because of his lack of their abilities, he does not approach that person again for friendship. That relationship is over for him. Such is his sense of self respect.
I thought, Tabrez’s greatest virtue is something even I have not been able to achieve – he considers every one of his school mates and neighbourhood mates as best friends. He does not discriminate when it comes to friendship, everyone gets the same intensity of love, hugs and smiles. In the break time Tabrez he was all over the place with all the kids. And the kids were all over him. A good poem is never alone, Someone somewhere will have it in his or her mind or lips.
Thank you Priyanka and Advait Chaturvedi and Geetali Tare for donating this Walker to Tabrez Khan.
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Sr No. 193 We hope we left behind a worthy footprint in this school.


Sr No. 193
We hope we left behind a worthy footprint in this school.
My dad’s birth anniversary was arriving this July, 21, and I thought …. let me gather a few good friends and ask them to share a tiny bit of ourselves, whatever little knowledge we have gained from our own footprints, with some children we consider less privileged.
I have lately been indulging in fitness/strength training/better nutrition seriously, and decided to impart some information about fitness and nutrition with these children.
So I invited Sandeep, he responded in less than the blink of an eye and was enthusiastic from the my first message to him. I did not ask him, I told him to join me and he agreed. 🙂 Thank you.
(I had asked another special being in my life lately, Ayesha, a professional trainer, but she could not make it due to her exams 😦 and the children missed her for sure.)
Sandeep Sachdev (Motivational Speaker, Nutrition Manager, Fitness Consultant, #FitnessFirst, and Film Actor) suggested that advise about fitness & nutrition etc their Taekwondo coach Jaydeep Kadam can take care of very well.. … “what I would love to impart to them is to do with their mind wellness. Motivational. Let me speak to them about things that may evoke in them self-confidence, courage, team spirit, team work…” I agreed in less than a blink of my eye.
And I thought, I love this guy. 🙂
These are Sandy’s thoughts on our experience with the nearly 50 children, who are learn Taekwondo:
I am happy Rakesh celebrated his dad’s birth anniversary in July in such a manner, by making us skilled and privileged beings available to under privileged children, indeed something others may want to follow while celebrating any occasion of their loved one – Sharing our knowledge with those who don’t have access to us.
The Power Stance I thought the children is about always being in a ‘ power position.’ A confident way of holding your stance. It determines and displays confidence in a person even if he or she does not speak a word and build self-confidence. Interestingly strong spirit, attitude, and self-confidence are amongst the main principles of Taekwondo.
The game i made them play (about getting to know each other’s names, their dates of birth and which is their favorite food item) is something I learnt from my friend Ritesh. The idea is to get to know each other better which can is the key to the basics in any form of team building activity and building relationships and any career. “
The most valuable stuff that I learnt from these (Taekwondo students) children was, life is only about channelizing yourself to the sources where you can get the best energies from, and the energy that every kid had there was much powerful than I could have imagined. You could see the Grit in their attitude to learn and spread the same energy to their friends and family. I had sported a very funny look for this occasion too to make the experience even a funny one along with the fun aspect.
But what touched me the most, are 3 things, they did whatever tasks were asked to be done with a smile, they displayed immense respect for their coaches right from displaying discipline form the moment their entered the room till they laid the Mats till they greeted us off, and lastly, each and every kid who came to shake hands while we were off to living our normal lives. Those tiny hand shake on the Bahubali sized hands I have just made every second of being there so worth it. I am sure Mr. Anand Bakshi up from there also had a happy tear in his eyes.
– @SandeepFatty #SandeepSachdev
It was interesting to hear the children’s’ response to Sandeep’s question to them, ‘what do you want to be in life when you grow up…?’ And amongst the most interesting answers was what some girls said “… Police… Actor….” and one little girl aged 6 years young perhaps said “Indian Army” Jai Hind! Did you know, one of the principles taught in Taekwondo is: Respect to national flag.
One of the two emotional moments for me was when I was introducing Sandeep to the children, the manner in which they were gazing at me, their expectations from us, made me almost teary eyed. And I felt I hope we can really give them something today that they can carry with them fondly their lifetimes.
The second special moment happened when we were leaving, nearly every student came up to me and Sandy and shook our hand and bowed (Taekwondo way of showing gratitude) and I nearly ran away from them as I felt really emotional then.
They remain etched in our minds and in the fond memory of my father #AnandBakshi I will be donating a Taekwondo set for a child amongst them who next wins the championship and I have conveyed this wish to their very fine coach Jaydeep Kadam.
The two video clips I have posted are the moments I enjoyed the most, when Sandeep taught them the power stance, he made them say aloud “More Power 24 Hours!” and the other clip is the Taekwondo gesture of saying Thank you with a bow. The kids were very happy at these moments.
We both hope we left behind a worthy footprint in this workshop.