A story of not just a 9 years ‘young’ kid … worthy of sharing on Christmas.


A story of not just a 9 years ‘young’ kid … worthy of sharing on Christmas.

Vivek walks his mom Gayatri – holding her hand as close as we held our favorite toy, and as adults hold our wealth and or virtues.

To play with her, like we played with our mates in open spaces, Vivek makes her run holding her arm, even in closed spaces like their home or at a restaurant, even when she needs his help to go to the washbasin after having her meals.

He laughs aloud at nothing, to make her very curious about what has amused him so much, just so he can amuse her and make her laugh or smile. Its just yet another way of how he entertains her every now and then.

To irritate her, again just for fun, he switches off her cell phone’s ‘talk back’ function, something she is heavily dependent on. That is the only time his mom gets angry at him, yet, forgives her constant playmate every time.

When the network of her cell phone is weak, in a windowless space shut by walls and doors, without being asked to Vivek will hold the doors ajar for better network range when she has to make an important phone call.

When she meets people for the first time, he does not miss a word of their conversation – because he is her self appointed and most willing day and night security service.

He leads her fingers to the hot drinks slowly, so she should not burn her fingers on touching them, and directs them to all the food items placed in front of her at a restaurant so she knows what’s where.

Because, his mom, Gayatri, is visually impaired, aka blind. And he does it all without being told.

I thought, Vivek is indeed a 9 years ‘old’ kid. Not 9 years young. A gift and a blessing to his family.



My ‘One In a Billion’ persons



When Rama was building the bridge between India and Lanka, every squirrel contributed a handful of grains of sand to help in the construction.
That too was #charity.
In my many decades of social services experience I found the largest number of donors were always from the, so called, middle class; even if their amounts were not as large as that donated by a millionaire the middle class were always the largest numbers and the most enthusiastic to help especially during natural disasters.
#SudhaMurty #InfosysFoundation
Thank you Anita Naidu for introducing me to her books.
Teacher & author Sudha Murty is my ‘one in a billion’ person I have never met; and Ritu & Priyanka are my One In A Billion persons I personally know.
#MyOneInABillion person.

I am no saint. Never was.

I’m no saint. Never was.
I’ve spoken without applying conscious thought sometimes in the past. Ive termed some people I perceived not good looking as ugly; some people with very dark skin as kalia; some fat people as motu or fatso; some very skinny people as sukdu or refugee; some people i did not agree with and or did not like as a##hole and or bi###; someone very old as buddha; i have laughed at the poor- humour made by others, like by stand up comedians and some friends) on unfortunate people who have mental retardation and even called people retards; termed a girl whose character i thought questionable a prostitute or w####; cracked rape jokes… i think the list is longer.
I did it as i was immature.
Perhaps because i forgot the values I had been brought up with, maybe under peer pressure trying to conform to the wrong people I had surrounded myself with. And maybe because I had never interacted closely with the blind, the autistic, cerebral palsy children, never known of the pressures and crimes some women could not survive and became prostitutes, had never known of how life can break people for some women and men to whore their dignity and themselves for whatever reasons, never read what rape survivors suffer, i had never met people who starve to death, I am growing older myself so im going to be a buddha too someday, in one second any accident can occur and i can become someone that someday else will term as ugly or lame. i realised i myself have behaved like an a##hole sometimes.
I have acted without consciousness. I hope never to repeat the mistakes Ive made, yet I still make mistakes.
I am expressing this because some people may like to know i have made the same mistakes i felt they may be making; and i am now conscious of not repeating them ever. Im learning kindness myself and its not hard.
I forgave myself long back. I expressed all this so that maybe someone else not be the kind of asshole I have sometimes been in the past and continue to be even now sometimes. 😦

#WaterTaxi in Nairobi


Handed some bottles of drinking water to less privileged individuals at the bus stop on a highway. I handed out these bottles on a particular highway where there’s no vendors or little shops alongside the road. People have to walk a distance from the nearby shanty to get a bus. It’s a tiring walk for many. A drink of water can be very rejuvenating. – Ritesh Barot Nairobi.‪#‎WaterTaxi‬





#WaterTaxi in New York




“Gave him a bottle of water today. He sits in the train station and is crippled /can’t walk. He was very happy to receive the bottle and I was thinking of one thing :
God bless you all, who are Water Taxis for the less privileged, and for sharing with all their thoughts too about what they do, becus many people are shy of admitting they do such acts regularly, and God bless you all for being part of this initiative by RB and Siddhi and giving me too an opportunity to feel that happiness. The Happiness of helping a fellow human being in need. 󾮞”

– Hema Sastry New York.

#WaterTaxi #WaterAngel


One can survive without food for some days, but not without water



“One can survive without food for some days, but not without water… Water also contains oxygen… We breathe oxygen.
On our way for tennis class to Juhu with our mother we saw poor children opposite a (Parleshwar) mandir. We gave them water bottles.” – Ayaan and Ahaan.

Ankita Shah Himanshu Shah

Amitab Bachchan, BBC Worldwide, Star Plus honor #BicycleAngels #RakeshAnandBakshi on Aaj Ki Raat Hai Zindagi

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Dear donor pals.
Mr Amitab Bachchan (the Producer BBC Worldwide and Star Plus) have honored us #BicycleAngels, on their TV show ‘Aaj Ki Raat Hai Zindagi – Ek Safar.’ (Hindi) #AajKiRaatHaiZindagi #AKRHZ

My brief interview with Mr. Bachchan, for our collective efforts, will showcase on their episode tomorrow:

29 th Nov
8 pm (30 minutes duration)
on Star Plus.

And I believe, by meeting me they have honored you and our beneficiaries for our collective efforts.


The episode on Bicycle Angels can be also be viewed on the web, by downloading the BlueStacks App and the Hotstar App (which is included in the BlueStacks App.)


I became a #WaterTaxi today. Hope you be one too someday. #RakeshAnandBakshi #BicycleAngels



I realized lately, thanks to Bicycle Angels, that the less privileged get water for all purposes, but rarely they have access to good drinking water.

But Thanks to my pals Vinayak and Siddhi I realized we privileged beings can donate drinking water to those who live or work off streets when we commute. Especially when we travel daily.

So I bought a water bottle today and handed it to a kid. He was a street performer and his name was Ram. He was from Phalton, Maharashtra.

I hope you lovely peeps do the same, someday, and if you would like to send us a selfie with the bottle you donated, any where in the world you may be, post it in this group along with your thoughts and who you are.

As for about me, I am just an average Joe and I am an author a writer and an aspiring filmmaker. 🙂

And now I am also a happy #WaterTaxi I hope you be one too.