I think, nearly every day we attempt to build and add floors to the high-rise of our dreams.



Our family, they are the roof of every floor; a few of our friends, they become pillars between the floors; and those who support our non-profit endeavours, they are the beams.

Collectively, so many people support the architecture of our aims & ambitions and happiness.

Thank you for supporting our collective effort and aim – computer literacy (IT course) for a few differently abled & or visually impaired (blind) from this beautiful diwali to the next. 🙏

Happy Diwali









Amit Priyanka

Dr niraj



Thank you for supporting the ‘computer literacy course for the visually impaired’.

Thank you for supporting the ‘computer literacy course for the visually impaired’. @amitbakshi_ & priyanka, @priyankaschaturvedi Dr #NirajVora, #RitaChhabria @ic.moxie @anks2512 @akshitajainshah #MinnieMehra


Thank you rj Anita Radio One #LetsTalkOnAir❤️📻🎶📘 #BicycleAngels🚴😇 #RakeshAnandBakshi🎶


It’s important to say Sorry, most often.

It’s important to say Sorry, most often.
I sometimes make mistakes, as I act and react immediately out of intense emotion and, then, rightly and naturally so, I sometimes say sorry. to the person opposite… and then, I am told by them, my family or dear friends ‘”.. bro, chill, it’s okay ya, you don’t have to say ‘sorry’ for your action”’; maybe because they understand my deed or habit is unintentional and it’s not a big deal; yet I am glad they care enough to point out my improper action. Which I can explain but cannot possibly defend because what is wrong is wrong, period Thank you.
I believe, it’s very important to say ‘sorry’ even between very close friends, only because, if you are willing to say ‘sorry’ it conveys your humility in admitting you are wrong or have hurt someone’s feelings, moreover, it conveys you have empathy – that you have the sensibility of being able to put yourself in the shoes of another person for a moment and you felt how your improper/hurtful action/words/deed/ felt to that person.
Just saying, as it’s a lovely weekend. 🙂 Love.

My ‘One In a Billion’ persons



When Rama was building the bridge between India and Lanka, every squirrel contributed a handful of grains of sand to help in the construction.
That too was #charity.
In my many decades of social services experience I found the largest number of donors were always from the, so called, middle class; even if their amounts were not as large as that donated by a millionaire the middle class were always the largest numbers and the most enthusiastic to help especially during natural disasters.
#SudhaMurty #InfosysFoundation
Thank you Anita Naidu for introducing me to her books.
Teacher & author Sudha Murty is my ‘one in a billion’ person I have never met; and Ritu & Priyanka are my One In A Billion persons I personally know.
#MyOneInABillion person.