219 Hard Work + Dreams + Dedication = Success

Hard Work + Dreams + Dedication = Success
A few weeks ago, my friend (Maya) from USA called me,
“…. you will be happy to know that my son graduated from University, and I want to ask you if there is any less privileaged school/children you know of we can assist in some way for their education. We have decided to celebate our son’s graduation in this manner.”
I recollected, a year or so ago Maya had donated water filters and stationery to a remote school in Gadag district, Karnataka; the children studying there belonged to different classes of Scheduled Castes/Tribes. They had ample water, but it was not portable and they needed a water filter. Maya got them stationery and more than one water filter, and the Pune based NGO Mukul Madhav Foundation heped us deliver the items all the way to the school in Karnataka. Thank you.
This time, another school in the same district (Government Lower Primary School, Suranagi) needed school bags and stationery. Maya was willing to do the needful, and the NGO Mukul Madhav Foundation http://www.mmpc.in/ and the school bags supplier went a step further to print a meaningful message on the school bags that Maya wanted to donate, this as the message she suggested we print:
Hard Work + Dreams + Dedication = Success
Thank you Maya, and Mukul Madhav Foundation, for doing the needful for this school’s 65 children.

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