Sr 205; When the cane is your Best Friend.

Sachin jan 18 2018


Sr No 205


Sachin (Visually impaired, aka blind)


Sachin lives in Dharavi, Mumbai, and is currently doing a government certified MS CIT course in Computer Literacy. When Sachin was a child, he had partial sight, but an eye operation to rectify an alleged retina flaw went perhaps wrong and he lost sight since then.


Sachin lost his father many years ago in a car accident; and his brother too last year, also in a car accident. His brother was the only earning member in the family. He lives with his mother and sister and both are earning members of his family. His sister works too, in a factory in Dharavi that sells processed sea food.


Sachin’s best friend is his white cane. He navigates the world with her.


I asked him, “What if your white walking cane get’s lost? Or wants to get lost…. Leave you….? What will you do?”

Sachin replied, “Even if my cane wants to get lost or leave me, I will not let go of her. She is always with me.”


Best friend. It reminded me of my dad’s advise to me, “BEFORE YOU CAN BE A BEST FRIEND TO ANYONE, FIRST BE ONE TO YOURSELF, DON’T LET YOURSELF DOWN, ONLY THEN CAN SOMEONE SEE IN YOU THEIR BEST FRIEND.” and he would make us hear the song very often, particularly on Sundays and holiday trips travelling in our car, to reinforce his belief:


Would you take better care of yourself
Would you be kinder to yourself
Would you be more forgiving of your human imperfections
If you realized your best friend was yourself.


Who is always with you everywhere
Who is on your side when others are unfair
And tell me, who will never let you down in any situation
Who will always see you get your share.


And that’s why I am a best friend to myself
And I take me out whenever I feel low
And I make my life as happy as a best friend would
I’m as nice to me as anyone I know.


And that’s why I am a best friend to myself
And I take me out whenever I feel low
And I make my life as happy as a best friend would
I’m as nice to me as anyone I know.


I asked Sachin what is his ambition, or career goal, and he said, “I want to do a course of a masseur”


I have friends who told me that the best body massages they have received have been given to them by the visually impaired. There is one centre in Mumbai that employs visually impaired masseurs ( ) because their sense of touch is far more sensitive and tender and firm than many sighted people. Because they navigate their world with their ears, hands and fingers.


Thank you dear Akshita, Ankita, Priyanka, Suman, Ritu, Amit/Priyanka, Niraj, Minnie, Brijesh, Sabira, Laila, Siddharth, me 😊 for assisting yet another visually impaired person receive a government (and corporate world) recognized certification in computer literacy.

(We may even assist Sachin in completing the masseur course, I will let you know if we do that.)


We believe, that by helping the differently abled, however tiny be our ways of assistance, we will understand better not just their needs but also help us understand abled humans, social life and our world in which digital technology is going to play a bigger and bigger role. And so, our role in the lives of the differently abled should increase correspondingly.


(The government recognised MS-CIT ‘computer training’ course for visually impaired is conducted at The Victoria Memorial School for the Blind, Tardeo:


#RakeshAnandBakshi 🎶


#BicycleAngels 🚴 😇:



Beneficiaries of help:


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