Sr No. 204 The courier boy who shoulders responsibility.

santosh tawde

Sr No 204

Santosh (Courier of mail)

Santosh lives with his widowed mother in Nerul. After his father passed away, when he as in junior college, he had to stop his education after the 12th standard and begin working to support his family.

He is from Rajapur/Ratnagiri and arrived in Mumbai in 2008 for better livelihood prospects.

After his father passed away, Santosh took up this job with a courier company based in Mumbai, and has been working with them since then, nearly 9 years. From his salary he provides for his mother and has paid for his own graduation and his own house at Nerul.
He completed his graduation by correspondence course from Mumbai University while he was doing the courier job. He plans to study further. Hearing him speak, I thought about my own formal education background.

I had a wealthy father and many luxuries and yet I did not complete my graduation. I am a second year Computer Engineering (Mumbai University) drop out. However, it was because, in hindsight I realised, I chose to study a subject not meant for me. I chose to study engineering influenced by my peers and immediate group of friends who had chosen to study medicine and engineering.

(Before that, I had wanted to join the Indian Air Force, and I did apply, but I was one year over age when I did so I could not join the National Defence Academy. It was after that set back, that I got confused about my career choice, and chose a subject not suited to me.) I do wish I was as clear as Santosh, and had chosen to graduate in the arts, filmmaking.

However, no regrets, because every single good and erroneous decision has brought me to a fine stage in my life where I feel a sense of fulfilment often and happy sometimes, along with feeling fear, disappointments, failures, now and then.

Returning to Santosh, after his father passed away he paid off some debts of their family. Now he has to pay back the loan he has taken for his own house at Nerul. He has planned to get married after he clears his house-loan in about two to three years. Santosh is a man who shoulders responsibility well.

Having his own bicycle will assist him travel longer distances in a shorter time and carry large boxes.

I asked him what he thinks about Mumbai, being an ‘outsider’ here once upon a time. He said, “Mumbai is a place of good opportunities. A person who is willing to work hard in this city will certainly find a good livelihood.”

Thank you Vishal Chhabra and Meghna Mirgnani for assisting Santosh in buying a bicycle. Santosh contributed one third it’s cost.

Thank you Siddharth Vora ( of Kohinoor Cycles ( for the good service & discount.

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Vishal Chhabra Meghna Mirgnani


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