A bicycle for Kajal. Sr No. 198.

Sr No. 198
Kajal (Home-delivery of vegetables)
Kajal is a teenager who lives in Andheri, with her paternal grandparents. Her grandparents have been selling vegetables on Perry Cross Road since more than 3 decades. She migrated to Mumbai recently.
Her father is a farmer and lives in the village with her mother and brother. He suffered an injury, because of which he cannot work as much on his land, so, Kajal had to drop out of school during class 5 and migrate to Mumbai to live with her grandparents; to supplement their family income – by home-delivering fresh vegetables to her grandparent’s clients on Perry Cross Road and Carter Road.
I live on Perry Cross Road, and though we do not purchase vegetables from her grandparents, I noticed this teen was helping the old couple who sell vegetables from our street. I thought, it must be her vacations, so she is helping her relatives in their profession, maybe for some pocket-money. However, I noticed that she was around even when school is normally running That got me very curious, and I approached the old couple and asked them about the teen girl with them.
Because of her father’s misfortune, she has been compelled to leave school and her village. We decided to try and do something for her. Not just for her education, maybe evening classes in Marathi, English and Computers, but maybe also a bicycle. A bike not just to help her in her delivery work, but also just to ride for fun! My teen years a most memorable because of the memories I have to riding a bicycle all over Bandra!
Moreover, we thought, giving her a bicycle may someday make her realise, that though she is far less privileged and kind of unfortunate that she had to leave her home and school, live without her brother and mother in an alien city, receiving a bicycle will/can in some way give her some sense of worth, particularly in a society where boys are preferred over girls when it comes to receiving a bicycle as a gift for fun, or a vehicle to assist her livelihood in some way. however tiny the impact on her life it will have a great impact on her happiness.
Thank you Maya Dajee for purchasing this bicycle for Kajal. Maya, and her two friends, are keen to give Kajal an education. I have spoken to Kajal’s guardians, and to her, about whether she would like to study, and the first thing she wants to do is become proficient in reading and writing in Marathi and English. Once Diwali vacations are over, we hope to get her admitted in some worthy course near her house that she can attend in the evenings. Being a teen and a girl, she has to study in an institution very close to her residence as she has only aging grandparents to accompany for the classes.
Kajal’s grandparents would home deliver vegetables to our house many years ago. Then we began buying them from some ‘posh’ shops in Bandra. After encountering Kajal and her circumstances, we decided to make our purchases from her grandparents. Every drop counts, especially when one’s thirsty.
We may not succeed, in achieving what Maya and her two friends are attempting to do for Kajal but we trying.
Thank you Siddharth Vora (https://www.facebook.com/siddharth.vora.58?fref=ts) of Kohinoor Cycles (http://kohinoorcyclestores.blogspot.com/) for the good service & discount.
#RakeshAnandBakshi 🎶
#BicycleAngels 🚴 😇:

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