It’s important to say Sorry, most often.

It’s important to say Sorry, most often.
I sometimes make mistakes, as I act and react immediately out of intense emotion and, then, rightly and naturally so, I sometimes say sorry. to the person opposite… and then, I am told by them, my family or dear friends ‘”.. bro, chill, it’s okay ya, you don’t have to say ‘sorry’ for your action”’; maybe because they understand my deed or habit is unintentional and it’s not a big deal; yet I am glad they care enough to point out my improper action. Which I can explain but cannot possibly defend because what is wrong is wrong, period Thank you.
I believe, it’s very important to say ‘sorry’ even between very close friends, only because, if you are willing to say ‘sorry’ it conveys your humility in admitting you are wrong or have hurt someone’s feelings, moreover, it conveys you have empathy – that you have the sensibility of being able to put yourself in the shoes of another person for a moment and you felt how your improper/hurtful action/words/deed/ felt to that person.
Just saying, as it’s a lovely weekend. 🙂 Love.

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