“It’s good to giveaway something before it’s pathetic condition gives you away.” – Sr no. 195

Ramesh Salunke Minnoe Mehra

“It’s good to giveaway something before it’s pathetic condition gives you away.”
Sr no. 195
A second bicycle for Ramesh Salunke (Cobbler/Mochi), donated by Minnie P Mehra
My friends Kiran & Sheetal Shetty had donated a really cool bicycle to Ramesh in June 2017, but, when he went to his village last month someone stole his bicycle. 😦
It was stolen along with a dozen other bicycles parked in that seemingly-safe residential compound in Bandra where many others like him park their bicycles when they go away from the city. He had paid half the cost of that bicycle Sheetal had donated to him. Link below.
(Btw, this is the most common tragedy they suffer, those who ride a bicycle for their livelihood. And sometimes cops don’t make any serious effort to help them recover their stolen bicycle. Maybe because they are too occupied protecting some VIPs motorcade? 😉 )
Minnie Mehra had brought a Firefox bike for recreatinal riding, but was not keen to continue. Most importantly, before it get rusted and ruined she quickly decided to donate it to anyone deserving. So, we found one for her – Ramesh. Thank you Minnie – we are glad you gave something away before it gets bad, because even an underprivileged soul deserves the dignity of receiving a ‘used/second-hand’ item in excellent condition.
I believe, it’s good to giveaway something before it’s pathetic condition gives you away.
When Ramesh met me after Minnie handed this awesome bicyele to him, he folded his hands to thank me and was at a loss for words. He has no idea, I was at a loss of words too on seeing his silent gratitude.
It made me ponder, I have never had to fold my hands to anyone, and I thank my parents and mother nature for giving me more than I need. Sometimes I have wanted to fold my hands to thank someone, but I have been too shy to show my immense gratitude. I have sometimes touched the feet of an elder to thank them. But, I wonder why it’s difficult for some people like us who are considered ‘well-to-do’ that we cannot express our immense gratitude in the manner Ramesh can. So, what is it? Is it zaroorat/need or immense-gratitude that make us fold our hands in gratitude?
(Link to the bike Kiran & Sheetal Shetty had donated to Ramesh Salunke in June: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10155289834513213&set=oa.357090647765413&type=3&theater)