Sr No 193 – Tabrez. Everyone is a best friend.

Tabrez khan

Sr No. 194
Tabrez Khan (6)
“Everyone is his best friend.”
Tabrez is differently abled, he has Cerebral Palsy. He finds it a challenge to walk; and even harder is to talk coherently, so a few pearls are able to leave his lips.
Tabrez has two siblings and they both adore him and take care of him like his parents. He studies at ADAPT school, Bandra west.
Tabrez is getting older and heavier so it’s becoming harder to carry him around…. it’s time he began using more of his own legs (supported by a Walker as he has never walked on his own without an aid). That’s the advice given by his doctor. Tabrez’s school, (ADAPT, Bandra) approached us for a little assistance.
Walking with the aid of a Walker will strengthen his leg muscles and make him less dependent on someone holding him while he walks. We offered to buy a cool wheelchair for him, but his dad and his doctor said that a wheelchair for him at such a young age will not help his leg muscles develop, moreover, even his ability to balance (our ability to stay and sit etc without falling) will not develop if he is given a walker at an early age. Our donors Priyanka and Geetali agreed to buy Tabrez a Walker. 🙂 We hope he becomes more independent and stronger in spite of the Walker.
“The world will come to me,
when I am more independent and more strong,
Classy and fabulous will be my life song.”
There are many virtues in Tabrez, politeness is one for sure, his constant MASSIVE smile another, and for me one that stood out is – if someone is mean and rude to him, physically pushes him away because of his lack of their abilities, he does not approach that person again for friendship. That relationship is over for him. Such is his sense of self respect.
I thought, Tabrez’s greatest virtue is something even I have not been able to achieve – he considers every one of his school mates and neighbourhood mates as best friends. He does not discriminate when it comes to friendship, everyone gets the same intensity of love, hugs and smiles. In the break time Tabrez he was all over the place with all the kids. And the kids were all over him. A good poem is never alone, Someone somewhere will have it in his or her mind or lips.
Thank you Priyanka and Advait Chaturvedi and Geetali Tare for donating this Walker to Tabrez Khan.
#RakeshAnandBakshi 🎶
#BicycleAngels 🚴 😇:

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