I too decided to speak up.



I too decided to speak up.
If these guys have the courage to speak up and be identified (to prevent such crimes) so should I.
Yet, I feel I was blessed our male adult domestic help never hurt me nor went beyond touching me inappropriately (for the many months that he remained in our employment) when I was perhaps just 3 or 4 years young.
However, I did not know then that he was indulging in wrongful behavior so I never told my parents or siblings, and only when I became an adult and became aware of the sexual crimes some people commit against children I realised what had transpired in safety my own beautiful home when I was left home alone in the care of our seemingly safe male domestic help. He betrayed my mother’s trust I reaise now. (My Mom would go to Santacrus west Khar west market to shop vegetables daily as she did the shopping and cooking always herself though we had many helps always)
I want to remain positive, so it could have been worse ya so I am grateful that childhood experience did not scar me, it made me aware only as an adult that we guys, boys, too can be target of perverts.
The next time I was ‘molested’ was while travelling in a crowded local train. I was an adult by then so I was aware of what some coward stranger did to me in the crowd and I felt humiliated, but I was angry I could not identify who had touched me inappropriately in a crowd of hundreds surrounding me in a moving local train.
I decided to speak up now because people should know any one, male or female, rich or poor, can be a victim at any age and even boys aged 3-4 are unsafe from a perverted mind.
I don’t know where that man is today, I just hope he never hurt and harmed anyone in life later because my innocent 3-4 years young silence may have perhaps encouraged him to do more or worse.
I think no one is safe really, so we just need to make our children, BOYS too, very alert and very sensitive even from age 3-4. Especially BECAUSE a PERVERT who GETS AWAY with something like this will most probably become more ‘BOLD’ & MORE CONFIDENT to MOLEST & most probably later even RAPE. So STOP (prevent) them now.
This is a picture of me from that period, as it’s the same house we lived at in Santacruz, linking road, then. Thank God I didn’t get hurt and harmed then and was and am a happy soul.



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