Chasing abandoned bicycle tyres with fallen twigs


I too chased abandoned bicycle tyres with fallen twigs. 😊 What fun!!!

In retrospect, it was my earliest introduction to ‘running’ alongside underprivileged children my age and competing with them as an equal though I belonged to an affluent family.

Today many kids of my childhood status visit orphanages etc via school organised trips (good) to look at/see children that we affluent kids of the 70s played daily with marbles, gulli danda…

In hindsight, the ‘poorer’ kids amongst us ‘better off’ kids always competed fiercely and most often defeated us at marbles and gulli danda, perhaps it was their chance to be appreciated over us ‘affluent’ kids.
Their spirit then I salute today. I wonder how many of them rose in life to a far better financial status.

Now we have got compartmentalised, rarely do kids get to play with kids not of their parents status.

(Thank you Wasee Altaf for evoking nostalgia by this image today.)



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