Sr No 193 – Tabrez. Everyone is a best friend.

Tabrez khan

Sr No. 194
Tabrez Khan (6)
“Everyone is his best friend.”
Tabrez is differently abled, he has Cerebral Palsy. He finds it a challenge to walk; and even harder is to talk coherently, so a few pearls are able to leave his lips.
Tabrez has two siblings and they both adore him and take care of him like his parents. He studies at ADAPT school, Bandra west.
Tabrez is getting older and heavier so it’s becoming harder to carry him around…. it’s time he began using more of his own legs (supported by a Walker as he has never walked on his own without an aid). That’s the advice given by his doctor. Tabrez’s school, (ADAPT, Bandra) approached us for a little assistance.
Walking with the aid of a Walker will strengthen his leg muscles and make him less dependent on someone holding him while he walks. We offered to buy a cool wheelchair for him, but his dad and his doctor said that a wheelchair for him at such a young age will not help his leg muscles develop, moreover, even his ability to balance (our ability to stay and sit etc without falling) will not develop if he is given a walker at an early age. Our donors Priyanka and Geetali agreed to buy Tabrez a Walker. 🙂 We hope he becomes more independent and stronger in spite of the Walker.
“The world will come to me,
when I am more independent and more strong,
Classy and fabulous will be my life song.”
There are many virtues in Tabrez, politeness is one for sure, his constant MASSIVE smile another, and for me one that stood out is – if someone is mean and rude to him, physically pushes him away because of his lack of their abilities, he does not approach that person again for friendship. That relationship is over for him. Such is his sense of self respect.
I thought, Tabrez’s greatest virtue is something even I have not been able to achieve – he considers every one of his school mates and neighbourhood mates as best friends. He does not discriminate when it comes to friendship, everyone gets the same intensity of love, hugs and smiles. In the break time Tabrez he was all over the place with all the kids. And the kids were all over him. A good poem is never alone, Someone somewhere will have it in his or her mind or lips.
Thank you Priyanka and Advait Chaturvedi and Geetali Tare for donating this Walker to Tabrez Khan.
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Sr No. 193 We hope we left behind a worthy footprint in this school.


Sr No. 193
We hope we left behind a worthy footprint in this school.
My dad’s birth anniversary was arriving this July, 21, and I thought …. let me gather a few good friends and ask them to share a tiny bit of ourselves, whatever little knowledge we have gained from our own footprints, with some children we consider less privileged.
I have lately been indulging in fitness/strength training/better nutrition seriously, and decided to impart some information about fitness and nutrition with these children.
So I invited Sandeep, he responded in less than the blink of an eye and was enthusiastic from the my first message to him. I did not ask him, I told him to join me and he agreed. 🙂 Thank you.
(I had asked another special being in my life lately, Ayesha, a professional trainer, but she could not make it due to her exams 😦 and the children missed her for sure.)
Sandeep Sachdev (Motivational Speaker, Nutrition Manager, Fitness Consultant, #FitnessFirst, and Film Actor) suggested that advise about fitness & nutrition etc their Taekwondo coach Jaydeep Kadam can take care of very well.. … “what I would love to impart to them is to do with their mind wellness. Motivational. Let me speak to them about things that may evoke in them self-confidence, courage, team spirit, team work…” I agreed in less than a blink of my eye.
And I thought, I love this guy. 🙂
These are Sandy’s thoughts on our experience with the nearly 50 children, who are learn Taekwondo:
I am happy Rakesh celebrated his dad’s birth anniversary in July in such a manner, by making us skilled and privileged beings available to under privileged children, indeed something others may want to follow while celebrating any occasion of their loved one – Sharing our knowledge with those who don’t have access to us.
The Power Stance I thought the children is about always being in a ‘ power position.’ A confident way of holding your stance. It determines and displays confidence in a person even if he or she does not speak a word and build self-confidence. Interestingly strong spirit, attitude, and self-confidence are amongst the main principles of Taekwondo.
The game i made them play (about getting to know each other’s names, their dates of birth and which is their favorite food item) is something I learnt from my friend Ritesh. The idea is to get to know each other better which can is the key to the basics in any form of team building activity and building relationships and any career. “
The most valuable stuff that I learnt from these (Taekwondo students) children was, life is only about channelizing yourself to the sources where you can get the best energies from, and the energy that every kid had there was much powerful than I could have imagined. You could see the Grit in their attitude to learn and spread the same energy to their friends and family. I had sported a very funny look for this occasion too to make the experience even a funny one along with the fun aspect.
But what touched me the most, are 3 things, they did whatever tasks were asked to be done with a smile, they displayed immense respect for their coaches right from displaying discipline form the moment their entered the room till they laid the Mats till they greeted us off, and lastly, each and every kid who came to shake hands while we were off to living our normal lives. Those tiny hand shake on the Bahubali sized hands I have just made every second of being there so worth it. I am sure Mr. Anand Bakshi up from there also had a happy tear in his eyes.
– @SandeepFatty #SandeepSachdev
It was interesting to hear the children’s’ response to Sandeep’s question to them, ‘what do you want to be in life when you grow up…?’ And amongst the most interesting answers was what some girls said “… Police… Actor….” and one little girl aged 6 years young perhaps said “Indian Army” Jai Hind! Did you know, one of the principles taught in Taekwondo is: Respect to national flag.
One of the two emotional moments for me was when I was introducing Sandeep to the children, the manner in which they were gazing at me, their expectations from us, made me almost teary eyed. And I felt I hope we can really give them something today that they can carry with them fondly their lifetimes.
The second special moment happened when we were leaving, nearly every student came up to me and Sandy and shook our hand and bowed (Taekwondo way of showing gratitude) and I nearly ran away from them as I felt really emotional then.
They remain etched in our minds and in the fond memory of my father #AnandBakshi I will be donating a Taekwondo set for a child amongst them who next wins the championship and I have conveyed this wish to their very fine coach Jaydeep Kadam.
The two video clips I have posted are the moments I enjoyed the most, when Sandeep taught them the power stance, he made them say aloud “More Power 24 Hours!” and the other clip is the Taekwondo gesture of saying Thank you with a bow. The kids were very happy at these moments.
We both hope we left behind a worthy footprint in this workshop.

My ‘One In a Billion’ persons



When Rama was building the bridge between India and Lanka, every squirrel contributed a handful of grains of sand to help in the construction.
That too was #charity.
In my many decades of social services experience I found the largest number of donors were always from the, so called, middle class; even if their amounts were not as large as that donated by a millionaire the middle class were always the largest numbers and the most enthusiastic to help especially during natural disasters.
#SudhaMurty #InfosysFoundation
Thank you Anita Naidu for introducing me to her books.
Teacher & author Sudha Murty is my ‘one in a billion’ person I have never met; and Ritu & Priyanka are my One In A Billion persons I personally know.
#MyOneInABillion person.

I too decided to speak up.



I too decided to speak up.
If these guys have the courage to speak up and be identified (to prevent such crimes) so should I.
Yet, I feel I was blessed our male adult domestic help never hurt me nor went beyond touching me inappropriately (for the many months that he remained in our employment) when I was perhaps just 3 or 4 years young.
However, I did not know then that he was indulging in wrongful behavior so I never told my parents or siblings, and only when I became an adult and became aware of the sexual crimes some people commit against children I realised what had transpired in safety my own beautiful home when I was left home alone in the care of our seemingly safe male domestic help. He betrayed my mother’s trust I reaise now. (My Mom would go to Santacrus west Khar west market to shop vegetables daily as she did the shopping and cooking always herself though we had many helps always)
I want to remain positive, so it could have been worse ya so I am grateful that childhood experience did not scar me, it made me aware only as an adult that we guys, boys, too can be target of perverts.
The next time I was ‘molested’ was while travelling in a crowded local train. I was an adult by then so I was aware of what some coward stranger did to me in the crowd and I felt humiliated, but I was angry I could not identify who had touched me inappropriately in a crowd of hundreds surrounding me in a moving local train.
I decided to speak up now because people should know any one, male or female, rich or poor, can be a victim at any age and even boys aged 3-4 are unsafe from a perverted mind.
I don’t know where that man is today, I just hope he never hurt and harmed anyone in life later because my innocent 3-4 years young silence may have perhaps encouraged him to do more or worse.
I think no one is safe really, so we just need to make our children, BOYS too, very alert and very sensitive even from age 3-4. Especially BECAUSE a PERVERT who GETS AWAY with something like this will most probably become more ‘BOLD’ & MORE CONFIDENT to MOLEST & most probably later even RAPE. So STOP (prevent) them now.
This is a picture of me from that period, as it’s the same house we lived at in Santacruz, linking road, then. Thank God I didn’t get hurt and harmed then and was and am a happy soul.


Chasing abandoned bicycle tyres with fallen twigs


I too chased abandoned bicycle tyres with fallen twigs. 😊 What fun!!!

In retrospect, it was my earliest introduction to ‘running’ alongside underprivileged children my age and competing with them as an equal though I belonged to an affluent family.

Today many kids of my childhood status visit orphanages etc via school organised trips (good) to look at/see children that we affluent kids of the 70s played daily with marbles, gulli danda…

In hindsight, the ‘poorer’ kids amongst us ‘better off’ kids always competed fiercely and most often defeated us at marbles and gulli danda, perhaps it was their chance to be appreciated over us ‘affluent’ kids.
Their spirit then I salute today. I wonder how many of them rose in life to a far better financial status.

Now we have got compartmentalised, rarely do kids get to play with kids not of their parents status.

(Thank you Wasee Altaf for evoking nostalgia by this image today.)