The Rape Survivor I met . #BicycleAngels


Good Morning world.

Thank you Geetali Tare Sabira M Husein Ankita Shah Akshita JainAyesha Parikh Mayura Jain Priyanka Chaturvedi Amit Bakshi Rita Hinduja-Chhabria Rakesh Anand Bakshi Neelam Kohli Soorma for volunteering to help her monetarily.

But, she has to first undergo counselling (which Mrs Chhatre is organising) and once she is provided the milk kiosk to sell milk can we step in and do our tiny bit for her which will mean a lot to her.

Our offer to buy one or two bicycles for her milk kiosk so she can hire two people to deliver milk and or newspapers is open for her to accept after her rehab and counselling.

Thank you very much Vijay Singh and George Medonca for featuring her story, bringing her plight to our homes.

(This was my personal observation on meeting her with Vijay, George, Mrs Chhatre and two cops:

The Rape Survivor I met today. Outside Vashi station.

One thing i liked about her – she was smiling often while speaking;

In spite of the tragedy humiliation injury torture pain she has been through.

In spite of the apparent and evident insecurity of family, life partner, food, safe space to rest after dusk, home, weather, health, clean drinking water, her worldly possessions can never be beyond what a lame teen can carry on both shoulders and wealth beyond a fistful of notes as even that can be grabbed stolen from her in broad daylight.

If there is a God then how come he or she has subjects followers living in such unfortunate miserable sad conditions in his or her ‘kingdom’

The only Gods that there can be are the people and ngos who would be willing to rehabilitate and counsel her. I hope the Govt and NGOs and individuals can be god to her.

From the day we are born we are told to look fwd to tomo, the weekend, next month,.. i doubt she wakes up daily thinking beyond her next meal and next attacker so perhaps she lives on a pavement outside such a busy station as she must feel safer in crowds only. Whereas we privilege avoid crowds some are forced to live amongst a million strangers daily.

An irony, her name is worshiped by millions in our nation. And yet she is forsaken/

Heartbroken i feel today.

#RakeshAnandBakshi🎶 )




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