The home makers, engineers, architects, and singing poets

I was sitting in the garden of my Panchgani house and saw this pair build a nest between the two branches of a Christmas tree.

The nest was the size of a tennis ball, I did not go closer to capture their ‘discreet’, cool yet warm shady & cozy home as I did not want to scare them with my (human) proximity to their sacred space meant for their new borns only.

I did wonder, observing them now and then over 3 days, crafting their nest from dawn to dusk, that they do not need loans or EMIs to build their house; They work very hard finding the material, and so the trees gift them twigs, and these birds share a solid togetherness & commitment to each other to build the best home for their young ones with a combined passion of architects, engineers and singing poets.

Dedicated to my friends and all those who made homes together.



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