The Rape Survivor I met . #BicycleAngels


Good Morning world.

Thank you Geetali Tare Sabira M Husein Ankita Shah Akshita JainAyesha Parikh Mayura Jain Priyanka Chaturvedi Amit Bakshi Rita Hinduja-Chhabria Rakesh Anand Bakshi Neelam Kohli Soorma for volunteering to help her monetarily.

But, she has to first undergo counselling (which Mrs Chhatre is organising) and once she is provided the milk kiosk to sell milk can we step in and do our tiny bit for her which will mean a lot to her.

Our offer to buy one or two bicycles for her milk kiosk so she can hire two people to deliver milk and or newspapers is open for her to accept after her rehab and counselling.

Thank you very much Vijay Singh and George Medonca for featuring her story, bringing her plight to our homes.

(This was my personal observation on meeting her with Vijay, George, Mrs Chhatre and two cops:

The Rape Survivor I met today. Outside Vashi station.

One thing i liked about her – she was smiling often while speaking;

In spite of the tragedy humiliation injury torture pain she has been through.

In spite of the apparent and evident insecurity of family, life partner, food, safe space to rest after dusk, home, weather, health, clean drinking water, her worldly possessions can never be beyond what a lame teen can carry on both shoulders and wealth beyond a fistful of notes as even that can be grabbed stolen from her in broad daylight.

If there is a God then how come he or she has subjects followers living in such unfortunate miserable sad conditions in his or her ‘kingdom’

The only Gods that there can be are the people and ngos who would be willing to rehabilitate and counsel her. I hope the Govt and NGOs and individuals can be god to her.

From the day we are born we are told to look fwd to tomo, the weekend, next month,.. i doubt she wakes up daily thinking beyond her next meal and next attacker so perhaps she lives on a pavement outside such a busy station as she must feel safer in crowds only. Whereas we privilege avoid crowds some are forced to live amongst a million strangers daily.

An irony, her name is worshiped by millions in our nation. And yet she is forsaken/

Heartbroken i feel today.

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Sr No 191; Shravani Gore – the little live-dynamite stick!

Sr No. 191

The (cute) little live-dynamite stick!

Shravani Gore (6)

Shravani studies at a BMC school in in Chembur. She resides at a slum at Vashi Naka, near Chembur, with her two sisters and parents. Shavani’s mother works as a sweeper at the BMC school in which Shravani and her two sisters study.

As for her father…. Hmmmm I rather remain silent. Her mother is the sole bread earner in the family, I think.

Shravani has an elder sister and a younger one; all three sisters are learning Taekwondo from Coach Jaydeep who runs Taekwondo classes in a slum near Chembur since three years.

(You can read about her Coach Jaydeep Kadam’s Taekwondo initiative, for less privileged children, in the Mumbai Mirror feature by Rahi Gaikwad that I’ve posted in the comments below.)

Shravani is learning Taekwondo, a martial art skill which I feel, will transform her from being ‘just a kid’ or ‘just a girl’ (for some people) to someone who will most likely be able to take care of herself, and or help someone else too, someday. I hope she never faces such a situation.

If someone thinks little girls like Shravani belong to a ‘weaker sex’, see her on the Taekwondo floor. She has lately won 3 Gold medals and 1 Bronze, at age 6, in Taekwondo! For me Shravani’s a lit dynamite stick on the martial arts floor!


What makes Taekwondo so special? It’s philosophies, alongside self-defence, hoped to inculcate in the learner: Courtesy, Perseverance, Self-control, Indomitable spirit; “I shall never misuse taekwondo, I shall be a champion of freedom and justice for others.”

I asked her Coach Jaydeep if Taekwondo really helps these kids protect themselves? …

He replied, “…. Last year, during a street festival, a boy twice the size of one of my teen students teased her & ‘abused’ her on the crowded street, in public; she walloped the pervert then and there, she brought him to the ground on his knees in a few seconds/and quick moves, in public, and made him apologise to her, in public!”

Hahahahahahahah! I think that pervert won’t ever think that young seemingly ‘skinny’ teens are easy-target and they won’t kick ass when they must!!

Coach Jaydeep told me he teaches boys and girls. Curious being that I am, I asked him …. “What’s the main difference between teaching Taekwondo to boys and girls, or on the learning front?

Coach Jaydeep replied, “… not much really, boys and girls are equally good at it, however, (Ponders) on the ‘learning’ front, the girls are better. (Ponders) I think, they are better ‘listeners’ than the boys.

The boys obey and respect us (instructors) as much as the girls do, but, the girls ‘listen’ better and thus they understand what is needed from them better; I think, the girls are less distracted than the boys ….

And this quality in them, at least amongst my girl students, makes them more focused to the task at hand so they get the moves correct much faster than the boys.”

Clap clap clap! Three cheers to the girls! )) They listen, and not just hear.

My friends collected a small amount of money to buy Shravani a brand new set of ‘protection gear’. (She is seen wearing her new set in the video I have posted below.) For us, the most deserving thing about Shravani is, she won the championships (3 Golds and 1 Bronze) without owning a set! She deserved to be encouraged.

I must add, I had told coach Jaydeep that I want to meet Shravani and her mother at any coffee shop near their house, as she is six years young; and so on a Saturday I travelled to the Barista in Chembur (opposite Diamond Garden) to meet them. We bought Shravani and her co student cupcakes. After we walked out of the Barista, the Coach’s entire class was there to meet me!

The students wanted to surprise me! They insisted they too want to come along! Their affection for us, donors, moved me to happy tears. They were so happy that someone wanted to help their youngest champion! This time I wanted to take a photo with them, even though I have never ever taken a photo with any of our past 190 beneficiaries. I wanted to make them feel we donors are just one of them. I told them I will blog about their dedicated coach and them. Love to them.

There has never been a moment in these past 191 donations when the beneficiaries have not filled my heart with GRATITUDE and LOVE.

(Thank you Mumbai Mirror journo Rahi Gaikwad for featuring these most deserving kids, and an equally proud and deserving Coach Jaydeep Kadam. We found one more soul we could help in our tiny way.

You may view the video clip posted below of Shravani demonstrating some moves; watch it till the end (it’s 34 seconds short), and I think it may warm your heart. Well, it surely warmed mine, and made a smile escape from my heart and travel straight to my face to infect the night sky with twinkling stars.

Thank you Amrita Divay, Priyanka Chaturvedi, Ayesha Parikh, Sushrut Mankad, Paul Macker for contributing money for the Taekwondo set for our little live-dynamite. A picture of the set is posted below. 🙂


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Books we will/may never read yet believe.

Books we will/may never read yet believe.

Voltaire said “When we are involved in a law suit, our goods, property, relationship, honor, and sometimes our very life depend on the interpretation made by someone else of books (law books) that we will never read.”

Same for religion. Most of us will never read our holy book, allegedly written from Gods words, yet we will believe interpretations made by others and may even abuse and or kill for a bunch of unread books & their radical and or prejudiced interpretations.

Morons, Fools, Idiots, Fuckwits some of us are sometimes; a bunch of wretched beings sometimes – putting our precious soul blindly into hands of some people who we trust blindly to ‘interpret’ for us books that are written in languages we are unfamiliar with and which we may/will never ever read.


The home makers, engineers, architects, and singing poets

I was sitting in the garden of my Panchgani house and saw this pair build a nest between the two branches of a Christmas tree.

The nest was the size of a tennis ball, I did not go closer to capture their ‘discreet’, cool yet warm shady & cozy home as I did not want to scare them with my (human) proximity to their sacred space meant for their new borns only.

I did wonder, observing them now and then over 3 days, crafting their nest from dawn to dusk, that they do not need loans or EMIs to build their house; They work very hard finding the material, and so the trees gift them twigs, and these birds share a solid togetherness & commitment to each other to build the best home for their young ones with a combined passion of architects, engineers and singing poets.

Dedicated to my friends and all those who made homes together.


Is that just a leaf fallen on the road, or is it….

Mahableshwar leaf on road.JPG
Is that just a leaf fallen on the road, or is it….
someone who has just taken his or her first step on a journey of thousands of miles without knowing the road ahead but can see the destination clearly;
someone who has given up and is waiting for a car to crush him/her;
a lazy leaf that fell off her branch and is waiting for the wind to lift her back towards the sky or to the green field nearby;
a leaf that fell in love with the road and is visiting her beloved to spend the rest of her life in his arms;
an ambitious leaf that decided to leave to see the world beyond her parent tree;
What does this image mean to you? Post your answer below if you would like to. Thank you.
(Photograph taken by me on Panchgani to Mahableshwar road, at Bhilar.)