You love your brother, so you let him sleep. :)


Daughter – Mummy, why this alarm clock on your phone?

Mummy – Its just like the alarm clock that wakes you up for school, we use it to wake up in time for very important tasks at a specific time. Like, Daddy uses it to wake you and me up so we can get you ready for school.

Daughter – Can we buy a big one, one that plays that song I like? The Bajrangi Bhaijan song.

Mummy – Hahaha No no! Your Bhaijan does not have to wake up as early as us. His school starts at 9. And you dont want to disturb his sleep na?

Daughter – Yes, I love Bhaiyya. Let him sleep longer.

Daughter thinks… fiddles with mummy’s phone…

Daughter – Mummy, what is this Reminder on your phone. It looks just like an alarm clock.

Mummy – Its to remind us about important tasks after we wake up. Like, to take medicine at the right time, or, to call Masi in New York before she goes to sleep.

Daughter – Mummy, how come you dont use it to give me dinner at the same time everyday, hmmmm or for saying your prayers so many times every day?

Mummy – My hunger tells me when to eat so I kind of know when I have to feed you too, and my faith is strong enough for me to remember when I have to pray. (Looks at her daughter lovingly) Its like Bhaiya’s birthday, you know the date na, we dont set reminders for Daddy’s mine or your birthdays. We love you all enough to remember the dates.

(Come to think of it, we don’t need to be reminded for somethings, for many things… like, even when to have sex 😜👻😇)


For some people trolling me:

Let’s ban HINDU HINDU HINDU Diwali Crackers through the DAY!!! & NIGHT!!! (And not just from 10 pm to 6 am! :p ) that are noisy beyond the allowed decibels.

And loudspeakers during all HINDU (I repeat, all HINDU HINDU HINDU) festivals between 10 pm and 6 am; and not just from ALL religious places between 10 pm and 6 am.



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