Being selfish is not a bad thing always.

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Being selfish is not a bad thing always.

So, since I rarely personally contribute money for the assistance we donors have managed so far, a month ago I began my own personal initiative to feed one soul a stomach-full dinner at least 29 days a month.

Its exactly 30 days since I began this. And now I feel I can continue this till I can.

I carry a wholesome meal in a sling bag across my shoulder and ride my bicycle between Bandra west and Santacruz west and when I come across a destitute I pause a few seconds to hand the beneficiary his or her meal and zip away.

Selfish reason – I was falling asleep by 10 pm almost daily, within 30 minures of my high carb meal, and this activity to feed one destitute daily has become a way of my staying awake until at least 11 pm as i had become a nearly unsocial being for friends. And it made me feel dam Good too that one more person than me somewhere will sleep tonite with a stomach-full.

Another selfish reason- My cycling habit helps me achieve this, and I hope my weight will also be controlled by this daily activity.

Sometimes I do this by car when I have to eat out or socialise at night. I am confident I will continue to do this.

My Cyclist pals are welcome to join me.