My little theory on missing daddies.


My little theory on missing our daddies.
After meeting many directors over 4 years i learnt many of them of course loved their mothers as much but they missed their fathers more, or maybe spoke about their dads with more nostalgia than their mothers.
I wondered why.
Maybe bcus they were from a generation where they got more time and emotions from their mothers than their fathers, maybe because many of their fathers were away most of the day at work. Mummys were back in the day always around and what we get a little less we crave more. Plus, Mothers Days gets acknowledged and celebrated more than Daddys Days.
Plus men were or are less candid in expressing their emotions, they become guarded as they turn older because its considered unmanly maybe.
So perhaps we do not get enough of our daddies, and maybe thats why the nostalgia & longing we feel for our daddy may be a bit more intense than what we feel for our mothers.
Also, maybe daddys emote less candidly, and or less openly, than mummys, being ‘men’ because even society feels men should not or dont cry etc and that is why some of us forever and ever will long for daddy.
Like I will long for mine.
#RakeshAnandBakshi 🎶



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