Arrogance and or immaturity of some people who do charity.

Arrogance and or immaturity of some people who do charity.
So a dear friend of mine requested me to speak to an orphanage for a birthday party for their over 60 orphan children sometime in March.
I spoke to an orphanage and told them my friend will revert to them within a week if she confirms the date for her proposed birthday party. The girl in charge of the orphanage told me “If before you revert to me if some other donor calls us and confirms that same date for a party for these kids, we will confirm it with that other donor. Hope that’s okay.”
I naturally replied “of course! My friend has said you must not wait for her to revert to you, you go with the donor who is the first to confirm a party for your kids. After all, the kids should not lose out on the opportunity of a birthday party if my donor pal does not revert to you in a week, and if even the other donor backs out only because you waited for my friend to confirm.”
To my surprise, she said
“You know, i mentioned that because some donors who call us to book a party for the children are not usually like your friend. They are very arrogant. Just because they have probably one party a year for orphan children they think they can take their availability for granted. They get very upset if we take up another person’s booking even though we did becus they didn’t revert to us with a confirmed date like they had promised. Few donors like your friend do a party for orphans with respect for their availability. They are the types who dont get upset at us when we take up another donor’s booking becus we have a right to protect our children’s interest rather than a donors.”
I realised that is probably why some self respecting orphanages are not too enthusiastic when ive asked them to give me a tentative date for a party for their kids. They perhaps wait to see how well or badly we donors behave while we wait for them to revert. The right policy, i believe.

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