My little theory on missing daddies.


My little theory on missing our daddies.
After meeting many directors over 4 years i learnt many of them of course loved their mothers as much but they missed their fathers more, or maybe spoke about their dads with more nostalgia than their mothers.
I wondered why.
Maybe bcus they were from a generation where they got more time and emotions from their mothers than their fathers, maybe because many of their fathers were away most of the day at work. Mummys were back in the day always around and what we get a little less we crave more. Plus, Mothers Days gets acknowledged and celebrated more than Daddys Days.
Plus men were or are less candid in expressing their emotions, they become guarded as they turn older because its considered unmanly maybe.
So perhaps we do not get enough of our daddies, and maybe thats why the nostalgia & longing we feel for our daddy may be a bit more intense than what we feel for our mothers.
Also, maybe daddys emote less candidly, and or less openly, than mummys, being ‘men’ because even society feels men should not or dont cry etc and that is why some of us forever and ever will long for daddy.
Like I will long for mine.
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Having emotional needs, wants, expectations from close friends.

Is it bad and or wrong to have emotional needs, emotional wants, feel rejection, have expectations from a very close friend… feel upset when you feel let down even though your close friend did not do it intentionally …?

When your friend values you as much its nothing to be ashamed of.


😂 Some single people build very strong friendships;


😂 Some single people build very strong friendships;
perhaps because we do not have a large family at home immediately, and always, to share our love and energy with. I think, we singles perhaps always have enough within waiting to be shared with those we like to talk to and be with, irrespective of their age and gender. (We are more ‘choosy’ but! 👊🏻😂)
And maybe that is why someone like me values good people and friendships so deeply, so dam intensely, and feel the smallest acts of love or ‘let downs’ perhaps at times more deeply than those not single, because we tend to think of our very close friends like family.
This image and ‘other half’ expression just made me philoshopical. 😂😊
I am not generalising. Just that this is perhaps me, as my endeavour is normally to build tiny but good friendships where ever i go – however, only when and if i can be myself (with my moderate successes and many huge failures) in those varied environments.
Statuary warning – Single people are not the only beings that build really strong relationships. 😊

Some #Beautiful people.

Some #Beautiful people.

When you don’t have two maids as they on leave, & you wake up early & get your house work done & your husbands and father in law’s breakfast ready & get your kids, 8, 10, ready for a magic show at 9.30 am an hour away from your house because its your friends bday gift for others – you are a beautiful being.

When you have a 1 year young baby & yet make it to a magic show for under privileged kids an hour from your house, because it matters to your friend – you are a beautiful being.

When you are a top billing TV actor and find the time from your commitments to host a magic show at no fee for less privileged children an hour from your house – you are a beautiful being.

And you send your 6 years son with your sister because you want him to be a part of the event, you are beautiful.

Your children are as beautiful, because they served the goodies themselves to the other children present.

Thank you very much beautiful beings for making someone else’s day as beautiful as you are.

I Love you.


187th beneficiary -“When the first generation in an ancestry receives an education, nature smiles.”


Sr. No. 187
The Katkaris.
“When the first generation in an ancestry receives an education, nature smiles.”
The Katkari are a western India tribe mostly belonging to the state of Maharashtra. In Maharashtra the Katkari have been designated a vulnerable tribal group. Their vulnerability derives from their history as a nomadic, forest-dwelling people.
The Katkari of today are highly dependent on others for their livelihoods, and for a place to live. Most Katkari are landless workers with only periodic and tenuous connections to their original nomadic, forest-based livelihoods. Many have become bonded labourers working on the brick kilns and charcoal units serving the urban and industrial interests of Greater Mumbai.
The Katkari struggle to remain in their hamlets as unpredictable forces at the micro level are driving the Katkari from their ancestral foresthomes – haphazardly and one hamlet at a time.
The Katkari community is most often firmly excluded from membership in village society. Particular expressions of untouchability, including physical exclusion, the assumption of criminality and a visceral reaction to Katkari food habits have created an extreme distance of the Katkari from the caste-based agrarian order.
The first Katkari child I encountered was at Shirwal village (about 80 Kms from Pune on the Bengaluru road) was Usha Ashok Katkare (6) I was part of a free medical camp organised by a NGO based in Pune (Mukul Madhav Foundation at Shirwal Zilla Parishad School for under privileged school children at various villages from Pune to Ratnagiri.
The Katkari based at the outskirts of Shirwal are largely fisher folk and fish in the river that flows near Shirwal.
(I recollect, two years ago we had donated a bicycle to another freshwater fisherman, Bhagwan. He uses old sarees, and not professional nets, to fish. The income he manages to generate from catching fish daily from the river is not enough to buy nets. There are times when he does not catch any fish, even after spending 6 to 8 hours in the river, and sometimes he has no income for 20 to 25 days. This happens when there is too much water, monsoons, or when there is too little, during the summer months, in the river. Too much, or too little, both are not good. There was a lesson from nature for us, in this, I thought.)
At Shirwal Zilla Parishad School I came across Usha Ashok Katkare. I found out, from Dr Ashutosh Muley of Mukul Madhav Foundation, that Usha is the first of her ancestry to be formally educated in school! The first!!! That was heart wrenching for us.
I was told by the school authority that the parents of many of these children are not keen their daughters (and even sons sometimes) get educated as they fear & feel it will not really impact their lives and future; and they do not even have the money to educate their children beyond primary school.
We were suddenly very interested in encouraging these children, and their parents, to continue their education. If a girl receives education, there is a greater chance she will make a better choice for her livelihood and or her marriage and later on such a woman will ensure she educate her children. And so her second generation will receive education and opportunities too.
It was very important for us to, in our little way, encourage this under privileged first generation of children attending school. We decided to donate a sturdy school bag cum haversack (since they walk long distances for school) and whatever stationery Usha and her siblings needed, and even what they desire but is beyond their reach.
When Mukul Madhav Foundation’s Dr Muley enquired about Usha’s stationery needs from her school’s principal, he found out there are a nine girls from the Katkari community in the school, the first generation in their ancestry receiving an education, so we decided to encourage all nine by making them feel a little appreciated for attending school. ‘Someone else beyond their family cares about them going to school’, is the subtle message we hope to give them through our tiny deed for them.
When we discovered they were nine girls at Shiwal Zilla Parishad Girls Primary School from the Katkari community we had to encourage, I remembered Ambalika Banerjee and Surily Goel were wanting to reach out to under privileged people and I contacted them to join me in this little deed.
My friends Priyanka & Advait had a baby (their first) and I was keen to gift stationery for Usha Katkare and her siblings as their first born’s first donation. So this is, in a way, Arrinjay Chaturvedi’s (two months young) first donation.
Thank you to Ambalka and Surily for contributing equally to baby Arrinjay’s first donation. (Thank you Surily for this and the bicycle donation in Mumbai you contributed to last week.)
Thank you to Amablika, Surily and Mukul Madhav Foundatio for helping us reach out to the nine students. When the first generation in an ancestry receives an education, or encouragement, nature smiles.
1 Priyanka Mohan Mukane 6 yrs 1st Std
2 Vandana Suresh Jadhav 7 yrs 2nd Std
3 Jyoti Kisan Waghe 7 yrs 2nd Std
4 Usha Ashok Katekar 7 yrs 2nd Std
5 Gauri Ganesh Waghe 7 yrs 2nd Std
6 Vaishali Pappu Jadhav 7 yrs 2nd Std
7 Maya Nitin Jadhav 7 yrs 2nd Std
8 Manisha Ramesh Pawar 7 yrs 2nd Std
9 Diksha Arjun Jadhav 7 yrs 2nd Std
1) 200 pages note book – 5 per student
2) Maths 200 pages note book – 5 per student
3) Double line 200 pages note book – 5 per student
4) 100 pages note book- 5 per student
5) Pen, pencil, ruler & eraser
6) School Bag
7) Slate & pencil.
In the photos: Usha, and the others with Santosh Shelar.
#RakeshAnandBakshi 🎶
#BicycleAngels 🚴 😇:
Priyanka Chaturvedi Advait Chaturvedi Ambalika Banerjee Surily DP Goel



Arrogance and or immaturity of some people who do charity.

Arrogance and or immaturity of some people who do charity.
So a dear friend of mine requested me to speak to an orphanage for a birthday party for their over 60 orphan children sometime in March.
I spoke to an orphanage and told them my friend will revert to them within a week if she confirms the date for her proposed birthday party. The girl in charge of the orphanage told me “If before you revert to me if some other donor calls us and confirms that same date for a party for these kids, we will confirm it with that other donor. Hope that’s okay.”
I naturally replied “of course! My friend has said you must not wait for her to revert to you, you go with the donor who is the first to confirm a party for your kids. After all, the kids should not lose out on the opportunity of a birthday party if my donor pal does not revert to you in a week, and if even the other donor backs out only because you waited for my friend to confirm.”
To my surprise, she said
“You know, i mentioned that because some donors who call us to book a party for the children are not usually like your friend. They are very arrogant. Just because they have probably one party a year for orphan children they think they can take their availability for granted. They get very upset if we take up another person’s booking even though we did becus they didn’t revert to us with a confirmed date like they had promised. Few donors like your friend do a party for orphans with respect for their availability. They are the types who dont get upset at us when we take up another donor’s booking becus we have a right to protect our children’s interest rather than a donors.”
I realised that is probably why some self respecting orphanages are not too enthusiastic when ive asked them to give me a tentative date for a party for their kids. They perhaps wait to see how well or badly we donors behave while we wait for them to revert. The right policy, i believe.