What a mobile phone can mean to the visually impaired. (Blind)

So today I met a few visually impaired people (‘blind’) and I learnt an astonishing fact about their use and semi-dependence on a mobile phone.
Amongst the many challenges they face, getting LOST is a huge one. Especially if they girls and returning home at dusk. They told me, “With a mobile phone in our hand we feel someone is still holding our hand even though we walk alone most of the time. We feel confident that if we get into the wrong train or bus, we can immediately alert a loved one waiting for us at home or at work. We can dare to travel more freely.”
I remember I once got lost as a kid at Bandra fair and I had PANICKED! And I was sighted.
What a great invention a mobile phone is even for millions of physically challenged people.
Thank you Priyanka for agreeing to buy one for a child.

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