186th beneficiary – God and or the universe sells us their gifts at the cost of labor.


Sr No. 186
“God and or the universe sells us their gifts at the cost of labor.”
V. S. (newspaper vendor since class 7)
V. S. lives in Bandra west. His bicycle was stolen and he approached us for help to buy a new one. We agreed, provided he will contribute half its cost. He agreed.
Incidentally, V. S. was the newspaper vendor when I was a teen. He remembered me and named the building Honey Comb and floor we lived in near Almeida Park. I was happy he remembered me, but I felt sad that when I was living an amazing life as a privileged teen, another youth was delivering newspapers to earn a livelihood and give himself and his family a better life.
V. S. has not faced any major challenges and or difficulties in life as yet, he says. However, he foresees his family’s and his life is going to change drastically in a year or two.
His father passed away and his brothers and sister are going to rightfully claim their inheritance in the family house he currently resides in. V. S. will have to part with their share of their inheritance and he will have to shift from Bandra to Virar as buying a house in Virar smaller than the one he living in since childhood in Bandra is going to be quite beyond his reach really.
However, V. S. is not too worried about that, his real concern is his daughter’s education. When his family will have to shift to Virir or beyond to be able to buy a house of their own, his wife and his daughter will have to commute a great distance for college and work. His wife work as a domestic help to supplement his income.
We chatted about a lot of stuff. And while speaking randomly about ‘insiders’ and ‘outsiders’ in our mega city, (reference the muck some radical politicians and others throw at each other and at their voter base….) he mentioned that some people from outside do very well here, and a big reason for that is because they do not feel doing any respectable work (like even making a snack or delivering bread or newspapers…) is below their dignity.
V. S. feels the biggest drawback some people from his community suffer from is they feel doing what he does (delivering newspapers and or working at an office as a peon etc) is undignified work. But strangely, some people do not mind their wives going out and earning a living doing what they feel is below their dignity while they sit at home and waste their lives. He thinks maybe they are to blame for their stagnation and the accused ‘outsiders’ are not to be blamed for them not ‘finding’ any ‘suitable’ work/livelihood.
Maybe we do not realise, that God and or the universe sells us their gifts at the cost of our labor.
Thank you Surabhi Shah and Surily Goel for contributing half the cost of V’. S. ‘s bicycle. I did not have a photograph of V. S. with the bicycle they helped him buy, so I have posted a photo of my own Hercules that I ride on weekends sometimes. 🙂
#RakeshAnandBakshi 🎶 https://twitter.com/RakBak16
#BicycleAngels 🚴 😇:




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