Sr No. 185 “… then she held his hand all the way. Because now it was she who was proud of him.”


Sr No. 185

“… then she held his hand all the way.

Because now it was she who was proud of him.”

Bhaskar Balkrishna Nachekn (62)


Bhaskar has been delivering newspaper since the fourth class. He had three daughters, one suffered an illness some years ago after her marriage and he spent a lot of his savings on her cure but she did not survive. Both his surviving daughters are married.

Bhaskar’s wife has been helping him in delivering newspapers door to door ever since their wedding. But she has fallen ill since a year and is recuperating at a hospital in Kolhapur. He goes to visit her every now and then.

After his wife fell ill, Bhaskar’s two nephews board with him at Ratnagiri and help him in the newspaper vending profession since his wife is unable to. Having another bicycle between the three of them will help Bhaskar and his two nephews increase their income a bit with more routes and customers to cover.

Bhaskar has a makeshift newspaper stall by the roadside and their day begins at 3 am. Bhaskar rides at least 40 Kms daily. No holidays. But now because of a knee issue he can no longer climb the many hilly roads in Ratnagiri.

Bhaskar has been able to get both his daughters married and settled from the newspaper vendor profession. I asked him how is the profession of delivering newspapers? What kind of livelihood does one earn delivering newspapers from 4 am to 9 am all days of the week?

Bhaskar said, “It’s a good profession, even though I am unable to save much. It’s a good profession, because I am able to feed my family and have been able to provide both my daughters education and a roof over our head; even though we live in a chawl it’s our own house. We earn fifty paise per newspaper we sell.”

I asked him about his daughters. What was it like bring up two on his limited resources?

He said, “On the way to college my daughter would visit our stall and collect papers at 6 am, to deliver them to my customers en route her college. So that I have to work less.”

I am reminded of a verse:

“He was so proud of his little girl. It was her very first day.

Proudly he walked her to school.

Then holding her hand he walked her to school every day.

The years went by.

Then she held his hand all the way.

Because now it was she who was proud of him.”

Daughters & Fathers.

When his daughter was helping him deliver newspapers, Bhaskar brought a bicycle for her so it will be easier for her to help him. And then she can also ride to college.

When I met him, he was using his daughter’s bicycle to deliver newspapers because she is married and now no longer rides one. He had to discard his own as it got too old and rusty to use.

On hearing him I thought, ‘Perhaps the universe has sent us here, to gift this deserving fellow a new bicycle.’ We believed he deserves a brand new bicycle. And Parth Shah and Meghna Rodrigues (& her son contributed from his little ‘monthly donation box’) donated one to him. Thank you.

(I met Bhaskar at Ratnagiri during a free medical camp for under privileged rural school children in November 2016, organised by a NGO in Pune, Mukul Madhav Foundation. (MMF) Dr Prof. Ram Dhillon (UK) and I rode our bicycles, on & off over five days, from Shirwal to Ratnagiri, stopping daily at Zilla Parishad schools en route at Shirwal, Umbraj, Chincholi, and Pali for the free medical camps the NGO had organised for nearly 3500-4000 rural children.

Thank you Mukul Madhav Foundation’s medical camp, for carrying me like a favourable wind so far from my home.

#MukulMadhavFoundation #FinolexPipes Pune to Ratnagiri Medical camp and cyclothon 2016.)







Beneficiaries of help:

#BicycleAngels 🚴




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