Sr no 180 – “….. and before I go to work, I can also drop my daughters to school …” #BicycleAngels



Sr no 180
“….. and before I go to work, I can also drop my daughters to school …”
Santosh Himmat Lohar (32)
Daily wages labourer.
Santosh resides at Umbraj. He has three daughters, 5, 7, and 8 years young. His daughters study at Umbraj Zilla Parishad School.
Santosh’s father died when he was in the 8th and thereafter he could not educate himself. He had to take over the financial responsibilities of their family.
Ever since his teens he has been working at various construction sites and local road building projects and even as an agriculture labour since then, digging, lifting and shifting the earth.
The bicycle will help him travel to work sites without the need to wait and spend on public transport, which is scare and not reliable as far as time schedules go. By riding to work, he will save Rs 20 per day, he says.
I did not probe too much into Santosh’s life and circumstances, For us, a daily wages worker with the weight of the earth he shifts daily and the weight of the responsibility of three daughters, was a good enough reasons to help him in our own tiny way – with a tough bicycle to transport himself in a cheaper and faster way for his livelihood purpose. Additionally, he can also use it to carry other loads now and then.
I do recollect now, Santosh had also mentioned before he rode away on his shiny new bicycle “….. and before I go to work, I can also drop my daughters to school on this bicycle…” Honestly, for us that was enough to gift him one. 🙂
Thank you Mukul Madhav Foundation’s medical camp, for carrying me like a favourable wind to this village so far from my home.
Thank you Raman Macker for donating this bicycle to Santosh. (This donation was his gesture for his wife’s (Ambi’s) birthday, Happy Birthday Ambi.)
Pune to Ratnagiri Medical camp and cyclothon 2016.




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