Sr 178 – Livelihood bicycle and chocolates.


Sr no 178

Dattatray Hiraman Shingade (36) deaf & mute.

Dattaray works as domestic help at Mahaveer Mukubhbhadir Niwasi School, Pune.
He will use the bike to travel to work and carry domestic loads and save daily public transport cost. He has two children.

The bike allows him some amount of independence too, because being a mute it may be challenging for him to tell the bus conductors where he wants to go, but now by riding to work and back he has two people, two bus conductors, less to deal with. 🙂

Thank you Shom Hinduja for donating a livelihood bicycle to a deaf & mute person. 🙏
Shom donated this bicycle for his sis Ambi’s bday. 😊

The most touching moment was Ritu gave Dattataray’s son some of the finest Swiss chocolates to savour. 😊

Pune to Ratnagiri Medical camp and cyclothon 2016.
@ Pune, Maharashtra.



The sound of payals


Sr no 177
The sound of payals.
Pratiksha Bhosle resides at a village near Phalton, Maharashtra. She is the eldest and has three younger sisters.
Her father is a daily wages agriculture worker, and is not able to educate all his daughters equally, due to non-availability of regular and secure income.
They own a small parcel of land, but it’s not enough and they need to work on the land of others for wages to make ends meet and educate four children – all daughters.
Patiksha’s youngest sister is being educated by a relative (I think, by her father’s sister) Her husband was working with the Indian Army and passed away a few years ago; it was his dream to build a simple home for the aged in his village and look after old people abandoned by their children. He wanted to achieve this dream by using his savings and not his army pension.
She feels since her husband could not fulfill his dream of looking after the aged, she will educate Pratiksha’s youngest sister at her own cost. Help at least someone in his memory.
We were keen to pay the three sisters’ school fees for the next academic year, however, strangely, the school was not willing to issue a receipt for the payment; so we decided to get the sisters a laptop instead. Because they attend a school that has computer classes, but they do not have a computer at home.
We thought, if we give them a laptop we increase their chances of learning computers faster and much better than working on one only an hour a day at school. And once they graduate from school they could be more proficient at it than their peers, probably increasing their chances and opportunities at a better job than their peers, we hope at least.
Moreover, giving them a laptop which will be shared by three young girls was for us a DAM GOOD INVESTMENT in the FUTURE OF THREE GIRLS. The laptop is internet ready and they can use it at any place in Phalton that offers free wifi. 🙂
I asked Pratiksha if a laptop would be of good help to them?, she said it would.
This photo of them is actually their first ever selfie with their own laptop, it’s the first pic they took with their first laptop’s inbuilt camera. 🙂
Thank you Priyanka, Ankita, Dr. Niraj.
The accompanying image of the feet of rural school children I clicked when I attended a medical camp in Maharashtra (by Mukul Madhav Foundation, Pune) last year across five towns and villages between Pune & Ratnagiri, and I noticed many rural school kids, girls, wear payals. It is something we city dwellers rarely see.
When they walk, you can hear them approach and leave, the sound gradually getting louder and then dimmer and then it disappears – Just like good times and bad, they too come and go.

Bicycle Angels


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Beneficiaries: of bicycles, wheelchairs, crutches :

Peeta Planet (Dubai One) Tv interview, 2014:

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You do not have to be a millionaire nor travel far beyond your house to help someone. Step out and observe and you will find someone worthy. (Spreading hope, one wheel at a time.)
#RakeshAnandBakshi pays tribute to donors and beneficiaries of #BicycleAngels
@ Live On #Fame, May 2016, hosted by Aaditya Vaze.

Mumbai Mirror By Yolande D’Mello, Mumbai Mirror | May 27, 2014:

Business Standard By Ranjita Ganesan | Mumbai July 26, 2014:

Hindustan Times, Gurgaon. By Naina Arora. Oct 5th 2015.
Bicycle Angels’ donors inspire Prashant Neha Taneja and his friends in Gurgaon:



Sr no 176 – Some great fun for kids from an orphanage in Mumbai. #BicycleAngels

Sr no 176


Some great fun for kids from an orphanage in Mumbai.


Over the last two years my friend Ankita has a dilemma: How to celebrate her birthday? Where to celebrate her birthday? With who to celebrate? This can become a dilemma for someone who lives it up almost every weekend. Because we can tend to get tired or bored of the same places and people we socialise so often with. Especially someone who consciousness has awakened to the gap between the privileaged and the ‘lesser’ children of gods.


Last year, she found a solution: She celebrated her birthday with a bunch of orphans, nearly 60.

This year, once again on her birthday, Nov 2, she did the same; but this she went a step further and invited a bunch of orphans to an awesome-fun place for children at Lower Parel. Funky Monkey.


Last year, she took her two kids, Ahaan and Ayaan, with her, and her sister and her kids, to the orphanage where she celebrated her birthday, so that the three children from a very young age can become sensitised to some things that we need to reinforce in children and adults regularly. Because human memory needs to be reinforced. Just like love in any relationship.


This year, Ankita’s two kids Ayaan and Ahaan and her Sister Akshita’s son, Aaarav, they themselves served the invited children brownies and a sweet drink. After the children had their snack, these three children even went around table to table and collected the brownie plastic covers and the waste tetra pack containers and put them away in the dustbin provided at the game centre.


I was glad, that these three children were not only getting sensitised to play with less privileaged children but also were made to collect the waste that got left behind by the children we had invited to party with us. They even picked up waste fallen on the floor without being told. “Swach Bharat” indeed, we smiled watching the kids go about collecting the waste. The invited children and their caretakers wanted to help, but we did not let them. They were our guests, after all.


Three little kids aged 6 to 9 did not let children as young as them throw the waste and went around every table and collected it. That is what stood out for me. I think it came naturally to them because we had made these three even serve the invited under privileaged children their brownie and sweet drink snack. So collecting the waste was natural to them.


The icing on her Ankita’s birthday day was what the caretaker of the orphan children had told her while the children were going berserk at the play centre – “You know, these children found out three days ago that today they are going to visit this play centre, Funky Monkey; they have been so excited since then! This morning they woke up at 6 am terribly excited that the day has finally dawned when they will be visiting a place where they can have some really exhilarating fun.”


All kinds of crazy fun must have invaded their minds I thought. Hearing this made Ankita and I wonder aloud, “Children who are privileaged, like ours, can get bored easily. However, these underprivileged kids probably do not know what getting bored means.”


Funky Money was kind, they offered us a great discount for these children. Thank you.


Happy Birthday once again Ankita, Thank you Himanshu & Ankita. Love from us and the children.












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