Sr 175 – Orphans buying clothes for a martyr. #BicycleAngels

Sr no 175
Beneficiary – Adhartirth Adhara Ashram, Nasik.
(An orphanage that houses children whose parents have committed suicide, victims of drought in Maharashtra.)
A few months ago I came across this feature by Swatee Kher in the Times of India:
We decided to help these orphans in our own tiny way; and in June 2016 we reached out to these children in a humble way:
They never called us for help after that. But I was aware the ashram having more than 200 residents, food items too need to be replenished occasionally; we found out the ashram now needed Toor Dal, Rice, cooking oil, soap, etc; These seven friends decided to make the purchase for these children: Kanika Kedia, Heena Kalantri, Neha Mehra, Arpita Mehta, Sakshi Jiwarajka, Anushka Kapur, Megha Kulchandani. They had been awaiting a worthy opportunity to do something for orphans.
More significantly. let me share with you a deed these children did for a family who lost their son. The soldier in the accompanying picture, Sandeep Tok, died in the Uri terror attack in Sept 2016 (
The children of this ashram made diyas (lamps) and sold them in the market, and from the money the sale generated they purchased new clothes for the family of late Sandeep Tok. Desert sands sharing their moisture with her sister drought, I thought, learning of their deed. God Bless.
Thank you #MukulMadhavFoundation Pune and #FinolexPipes for buying the commodities on our behalf and delivering them to the ashram at Nasik.
No one is too far to reach when the reach of our heart goes beyond the reach of our arms and alms. Thank you very much Kanika Kedia Heena Kalantri Neha Mehra Arpita Mehta Sakshi Jiwarajka Anushka Kapur and Megha Kulchandani.


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