170th beneficiary – Books for Kranti.

170th beneficiary of help (New Books)



Kranti @ http://www.kranti-india.org



A few months ago, June 10th 2016, I came across a feature in the TOI by two journalists. The feature mentioned – “Shweta Katti, who shot to fame after becoming the first girl from the city’s oldest red-light area, Kamathipura, to study in the US, intends to set up a cafe-cum community-center in the neighborhood where she grew up.” …..


I reached out to the two journalists on Twitter, informing them I propose to organize a bicycle ride to promote Shweta’s mission. They did not acknowledge they had read my tweet.


After a week, I searched for Shweta on FB and found out she is associated with Kranti, and I contacted them. Kranti responded to me within minutes. 🙂


Kranti empowers girls born in Mumbai’s oldest known sex district for higher education and social change. (To know more about Kranti you may view this short video clip I had shot when we organized a Donate A Book ride last month: https://www.facebook.com/rakesh.anand.bakshi/videos/vb.507318212/10154265657493213/?type=2&theater)


I decided to organize a ‘Donate a Book ride’ within and outside my cycling fraternity. Aatish Chhabria, Siddharth Vora, Pankaj Patil kindly associated with us to organize a ride to donate our books, I mean those we have read and would love to give away so someone else can share its treasures. I received a good response from many of my non-cyclist pals too.


(Surprisingly, two cyclist pals I had messaged to help us spread the word did not even reply to my message. In my tiny world of friends, I believe friends respond, even if to say no. 🙂 Anyways, thank you.)


Thanks to some riders and many of my non-cyclist friends, our very tiny book donation drive for Kranti was very successful. 🙂 Link to our ride: https://www.facebook.com/events/589789777861415/)


However, much before all of this – my niece, Amrita Divay, had responded. She volunteered to buy books for Kranti’s female students and inmates (they are aged 12 to 22). (Some donors have sponsored their education in foreign universities.) One of their volunteers, an American citizen based in the US, sent me a list of books Kranti’s library and hostel at Vakola, Santacruz East, needs.


Amrita, without the blink of her eyelid, agreed to do the needful, and was even willing to go beyond the donation amount she had already committed, She went online and purchased the following books for these precious girls, less privileged souls, who are at the threshold of personal change and social change outside themselves.

And, Amrita went to their library to gift it to them; that was like ‘wow!’ I say.


The books she purchased for Kranti:


Introducing Psychology, Introducing Philosophy, Introducing Counselling, Introducing Ethics for Everyday Life, Introducing Logic, Introducing Quantum Theory, Introducing Time, Introducing Child Psychology, Introducing Hinduism, Introducing Islam, Introducing Assertiveness, Introducing Neurolinguistics Programming, Introducing Mindfulness, Introducing Positive Psychology, Introducing Self Esteem, Introducing Emotional Intelligence, Introducing Body Language, Introducing Stephen Hawking, Introducing Psychology of Relationship, Introducing Overcoming Phobias, Introducing Leadership, Introducing Happiness,


I was super impressed by the books they wanted! Especially – Introducing Self-Esteem, Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, and Happiness.

This made me dam happy. And must have delighted enthusiastic Amrita too. Because with books like these, these girls at Kranti be inspired and inspire those they encounter on their long & uphill path ahead.


Thank you Amrita.


Mann Joshi, a teen rider pal of mine told me after our book donation ride – Rakesh, thank you for introducing me to this organisation. This visit helped me realise how privileged I am and I need to help those who are not.


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