168th beneficiary of help (livelihood bicycle) – First world problems.

168 Newspaper Ramnarayan donor kirraann N

168th beneficiary of help (livelihood bicycle)
Ramnarayan Yadav. (45-50)
First world problems.
Newspaper vendor
Ramnarayan is from UP. His father was a newspaper vendor too. His family lives in UP. He lives and delivers newspaper in Bandra west.
His daughter is married and his sons are working. His elder son also delivers newspapers. His younger son is working on their small parcel of land back in the village, and managing to fend for their family quite adequately.
Though I made attempts to draw Ramnarayan into a deeper conversation, he did not have much to tell me about his life until now. He came across as someone who takes everything in his stride with the attitude ‘No big deal. No sweat. Things can be worse.’ Moreover, he had a constant ‘poker face’ expression throughout our conversation.
He mentioned, that a tumor had once appeared on his cheek, and doctors removed it because it was ‘cancerous’. He spent about a lac or two on its surgery and cure. There has been no reoccurrence of cancerous growth in that region thereafter. He feels he is fortunate to have survived it. He believes in God and his miracles, and attributes all his good luck and progress to God’s kindness. He informed me all of his with a poker face expression.
I continued to persist, and asked him if he has faced any other severe difficulties or challenges in life. He thought and said, ‘I have always had enough to eat. Life and God have been quite good to me.” (Again, poker faced.)
I thought, this guy does not view his less or under privileged life (that is how many of us would view his life, I guess, I think) as anything to really ‘talk’, crib, lament, complain, cry, about. He did not think of whatever he may have been through as a big deal or that he has been singled out for some unfortunate experiences. Now that’s a cool guy, I thought.
The few challenges he has faced, that I know of from him, he spoke about them as disinterestedly or dismissively as we people dismiss talks of the chances of celebrities and politicians being punished for a crime they have allegedly committed. There really wasn’t much else he had to tell me about his life.
So, I decided to share some ‘First world problems’ with you. 😉 Enjoy them in a lighter vein, and post some that you have come across in the comments below. 🙂
Some or us peeps get really upset and frustrated over:
My 7 dollars Starbucks latte came with ONE espresso shot, instead of the TWO I asked for! F#@^&!!!
My daddy bought me a car today !!!! . It’s not the Mercedes I really wanted but at least it’s something :-////
Muuuuuuuummmmm!! The fucking showers gone cold again!
Ugh, there are literally NO Pokéstops near my penthouse condo. I HAVE TO MOVE residence.
Shit! I ran out of pokeballs
Man! I am so f broke I drank water straight from the tap instead of buying it.
I’m hungry… but I’m already in bed, oh the dilemma!
Just dropped avocado all over my new white trainers. Shit!
I hate when I eat chicken wings because my thumb gets so greasy it won’t unlock my phone6
My favorite eyebrow is on my least favorite side of my face. ughhhhhh!
Worst part about getting a new phone is downloading all the apps again and signing into my accounts
I hate being on a flight that does not have a good looking air hostess
I am never going to Taco bell again, they ran out of Mild Sauce.
I cant sleep without a white ironed bed sheet under me
I’m too bloody short to look out of the open roof of my Range Rover
Twitter is down, and I am losing out on whats trending
My teeth hurt so bad, because I am eating too much sugar and not flossing regularly.
Phone’s about to die & my charger isn’t long enough to reach my bed
If you know more #FirstWorldProblems you may post them below in comments. 🙂 🙂 🙂
Third World problems: 1) Farmers’ suicide notes are not addressed to family or friend; they are addressed to the PM, or Finance Minister, or President of India then. Meaning they consider themselves victims of govt policy. 😪
2) Poor Dalits get water last during water-rationing in drought.
3) Villagers pay Re 1 per litre of water; whereas the 24 beer factories in Marathwada pay four paise per litre and consume Three million litres daily 😢
4) Largest migration in India happened between 2001 & 2011, not post 1947 partition.
Ramnarayan had wanted a new bicycle more than a year ago, but he was unable to gather the amount he was willing to contribute towards its purchase.
Thank you Kirraann Ramesh Nichani for purchasing this new bicycle for him. He contributed nearly half its cost.
Thank you to Kohinoor Cycles (http://kohinoorcyclestores.blogspot.com/) Siddharth Vora (https://www.facebook.com/siddharth.vora.58?fref=ts) for the good service.
#RakeshAnandBakshi https://twitter.com/RakBak16



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