167th beneficiary – “… many people have just about a dream or two they feel they will somehow manage to achieve.”

167 Newspaper Kishore donor Archana

167th beneficiary of help (Livelihood bicycle)


“… many people have just enough food to eat, just enough clothes to wear, just good enough roof over their heads and just about a dream or two they feel they will somehow manage to achieve.”


Kishore Bhosle (50)


Newspaper delivery and office Peon.


Kishore is from Khed, and resides at Mahim. He delivers newspapers in the morning, and works as a Peon by day. He has two children, a boy and girl, both are in school.


One of the outstanding things about him that stayed with me, long after Kishore had left with his bicycle, was his love for his parents. They are no more.


And his happiness, when his children get good marks in school. His happiest moment will be when his children get more than 90 percent marks in their tenth class. He told me. Not only because of what that means for any parent, pride and security I guess, but also because it becomes easier for the child to gain admission in a college of repute. People of their status know no one they can make phone calls to for securing admission.

Securing great marks would mean his children will have many more options for a career in future which Kishore himself could not lay claim to, because he could not educate himself beyond higher secondary.


I asked Kishore, how come he chose to deliver newspapers, right from his school days, when there must have been other options to earn the same amount of money.

He said, “… My uncle was in this trade, and I observed it closely for a week, before I got into it, to earn some money. I felt then that this is an activity for which one has to wake by 5 am and embark on short journeys on a bicycle. I liked waking up early and being active physically. I had felt even then that this job will keep me physically able, strong. So I chose it over other options then. Not that there were many options available to a school going child. But thanks to more than three decades of riding every day, I am physically very fit for my age.” (Smiles)


A devoted son who looked after both his parents until their last sunset, I was glad Kishore was the beneficiary of a bicycle donated by an as deserving donor-daughter, Ms Archana Bhatnagar. Archana had messaged me a few days ago, “…. It will be my Mum’s 74th birthday on July 31st , … what good can a child do than to help a person on her behalf during her lifetime.”


Kishore’s best client is a lady who inquiries about his health and well-being each and every time he has not turned up to deliver their newspaper.


It made me ponder, many people have just enough food to eat, just enough clothes to wear, just good enough roof over their heads and just about a dream or two they feel they will somehow manage to achieve. But what they do not get enough is affection and respect from those they perceive well to do.


What we really really need is sincere affection and respect. Our monetary tips may not be what they will remember when their head rests at night on cold floors. It’s our kindness that becomes their soft pillow when their tired bodies meet hard floors. It’s the glass of water and Re one sugar candy that you keep out to hand to them that will taste yummier to then than all the waters of the Nile.


Thank you Archana and Uma Bhatnagar ji for purchasing this bicycle for Kishore. He contributed nearly half its cost. Happy Birthday to Ms Uma Bhatnagar.


Thank you to Kohinoor Cycles (http://kohinoorcyclestores.blogspot.com/) Siddharth Vora (https://www.facebook.com/siddharth.vora.58?fref=ts) for the good service.


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