#PlantALife Meet #EvaJain – Our youngest #PlantAngel 😇❤️ 4 months young.

00000000 Mayura Eva

#EvaJain – Our youngest #PlantAngel 😇❤️ 4 months young.

“We have had our Tulsi plant for over a year now. It’s our favorite and most nurtured plant.
We have both emotional and religious sentiments attached to our Tulsi. Our tulsi brings happiness and positivity in our lives 🙂 ”
– #MayuraJain #VivekJain #EvaJain

Mayura Jain Eva Jain Vivek Jain

(Be a #PlantAngel, SEND US YOUR SELFIE. 🙂

By growing a Tulsi (Basil) or the ‘money’ plant at home, (a potted plant, since you may not have access to growing it outdoors) you can give back to our mother, Earth, some of her oxygen that you will have consumed in your life time.

Tulsi, and the ‘money’ plant, are amongst the few plants that give oxygen nearly 24 hours. 🙂

Send us your Selfie with your potted plant or tree to post, and share with us your story too: Who you are, and why is your plant important to you.
Email it to rakbak16@gmail.com
or post it directly on our Page:
Plant A Life – Plant Angels https://www.facebook.com/PlantAngels/
and become #PlantAngels #OxygenAngels 🙂

By sharing with us your selfie and your reason, you may inspire others too to pay their gratitude to our mother, Earth. 🙂

Moreover, nurturing a plant teaches us we too need to strengthen our own roots.

@ #PlantALife )



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