155A) recipient of help, a livelihood bicycle. Sweet dreams, like pleasant streams. Sing along happy silent moony beams.


155A) recipient of help, a livelihood bicycle.



Sweet dreams, like pleasant streams.
Sing along happy silent moony beams.



Vilas Mohite (54)



Milk man.



I met Vilas more than a year ago, while riding at Hill road one early morning, on my way to a long ride.

His bicycle was in a very bad condition. As I rode alongside him I made him an offer… if he is willing to contribute half the cost of a new bicycle, we can help him get a new one.



In response, Vikas looked at me strangely, and with only a negative nod of his head he rode away. No ‘No thank you’, no explanation. Kind of ignored our offer.

I increased my speed and disappeared from his path, and life. Until…



A few weeks ago, Vilas went to buy a new bicycle from Kohinoor Stores, at Hill road. The store from where we have so far purchased nearly a hundred bicycles for the purpose of donation. He was unable to afford a new bicycle. He happened to mention that long ago he had once met some stranger on a bicycle, early morning while he was delivering milk, who had offered to help him buy a new bicycle. But he had refused him because he did not believe him. He has feared it was some scam or I was playing a joke on him.



Vilas confessed to me only now, after more than a year of having first encountered him, that he had refused me then because he could not believe someone can make anyone such an offer. Such things do not happen, he believed then.

I guess our donors proved him wrong! 🙂



Vilas is born and brought up in Bandra west, Mumbai. His mother was a masala maker by profession, and would walk the streets of Bandra with stone tools to make fresh masalas at peoples’ doorsteps. She was a favorite amongst the Kolis settled in Bandra’s’ Gauthans, ancient villages, Chimbai, Danda, etc. Vilas stated with pride. So many families must have enjoyed their meals due to his mother’s skills, I thought looking at him smile. She has long retired from that profession because she can no longer walk without aid.



Vilas is educated till the 8th. Due to the family’s financial situation he could study any further. He has been delivering milk to homes ever since he was a teen.



Vilas has three children. His younger son and daughter are studying well. His eldest son has decided to study beyond M.Com. so that can get better job opportunities.



The margins in delivering are so minimal, to deliver milk at Khar he takes the BEST bus to Khar and then walks it back home.



Though we were willing to buy a new bicycle for Vilas, after I finished interviewing him, he told me… “actually, honestly, I am uncomfortable that you are going to spend so much money on a new bicycle for me. (paused) Even if you can buy me some new spares and get my bicycle serviced I will be content with my old bicycle.” I agreed.



Well, however, Vilas’s humility and tenderness said what it had to. And we did what our instinct said – “Vilas deserves a new bicycle and seek a lesser contribution from him than what he has agreed to pay.”

So, we bought him a brand new bicycle. And we accepted only a token contribution from him towards its purchase.



There was something very tender and honest in his simple nature. A most deserving candidate. These were my thoughts about him seeing him ride away on his brand new bicycle.

Later that night, he even called me. To thank me in front of his family. He said, my children cannot believe this can happen. I told him, I will pass on his immense thanks to our four donors, who made an entire family happy. From my bedroom window I could see the moon. She was smiling too. Soon I dozed off with that smile.



Sweet dreams, like pleasant streams.
Sing along happy silent moony beams.




This bicycle was donated to Vilas by Yogesh Shetty, Murali Krishnan, Wali Kashvi and Surabhi Shah. Thank you.  Vilas contributed a bit towards its cost.


And thank you to Kohinoor Cycles (http://kohinoorcyclestores.blogspot.com/) Siddharth Vora (https://www.facebook.com/siddharth.vora.58?fref=ts) for the good discount and service he provides us.


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