152A) recipient of help, a livelihood bicycle. “… Every time a farmer looks at the seed he is going to sow in the soil, he must have the same twinkle in his eyes. Because he too is sowing a dream.”

152A) recipient of help, a livelihood bicycle.



“…  Every time a farmer looks at the seed he is going to sow in the soil, he must have the same twinkle in his eyes. Because he too is sowing a dream.”


Ramchandra Tukaram Shinde. (52)


Farmer, and daily wages agriculture labor.


Ramchandra is a farmer and lives at Pali, Ratnagiri.

He works for daily wages as a farm worker, cultivating land for other farmers too. He has three daughters. The eldest is 24, and, he says, ‘she is of marriageable age’. She could not study beyond the tenth class, because she had to leave school to help the family earn a better livelihood. Post the tenth, she joined her father at farm work.


Even Ramchandra could not study beyond the tenth class, for the exact same reason. His father was a farmer and the family income was not sufficient for him to study any further. History repeated itself, but thankfully nor for Ramchandra’s three younger children. As they will be educated till they graduate, he is confident.


Ramchandra has a back issue, if he lifts any kind of weight or does excessive physical activity, even walking a lot, it causes him chronic backache. A cycle will make it easier for him, as he can let the bicycle roll a distance after a few pedals and cover distances easier and faster.

More than using it for his own work, the bicycle will be of use to his son to travel to school, which is 6 Kms from his village, and it will help them save Rs 12 a day on Bus fare.


Ramchandra feels he has only encountered struggles all his life so far, and has not really known happiness. Happiness will come, he is confident when his children’s’ education is complete. As it will help them build better lives. Better than what he could construct from his own childhood circumstances, and his limited education.


His childrens’ future will be bright with college degrees holding their hands when they step into the mainstream job market, he is confident. He really cheered up, even his upper body straightening up, when he mentioned education will be his family’s saviour. He mentioned it with a twinkle in his eyes. The twinkle being the dream he sees for them, and which many of us carry in our own eyes.


I asked his son, Gurunath, 16, what are his dreams, what would he like to follow as a profession after he graduates. He said, ‘I want to work with the Police’. As a farmer, I thought, a man loses control. Nature controls his destiny more than we can imagine. As a police official, I thought, one gains some sense of power over his or her circumstances, and over that of others too.


Ramcandra is a farmer. Long after he and his son left with their bicycle, I thought, while riding towards Ratnagiri that evening, the early evening Sun enveloping me with her sheer beauty, every time a farmer looks at the seed he is going to sow in the soil, he must have the same twinkle in his eyes. Because he too is sowing a dream.

The seed will soon disappear from his sight, only to begin her journey underground, her first steps In complete darkness. Like we are, without an education or experience. And it is the benevolence of nature that will help the seed emerge into the sunlight from that darkness.


Emerging from darkness to the light, is, exactly, what a father hopes to achieve for his family, his children, by providing them the very Sun in their hands – an education. Beginning first, on the lap of parents, and grandparents, (blessed be) and later in the lap of teachers, mentors and society.


That is why we must try and build the best Sun for them, when we ourselves someday reach above the clouds from where even the Sun looks down upon her benefactors. Our salute to all teachers and educators too, I thought as I rode into the setting orange Sun, loving her fleeting beauty and magic, towards Mukul Madhav Vidyalaya, the destination of our charity ride, and another Sun for many under privileged children at Golap, Ratnagiri.



This bicycle was donated to Ramchandra and his son by Gauri, Rashwinder and Ananya Bardha, Ananya is herself taking her very first steps into Kindergarten. Blessed be. 🙂 Thank you.


We handed the bicycle to him at Pali, en route our Pune to Ratnagiri Cyclothon in Dec 2015, which included a free medical health camp for nearly 3000 Zilla Parishand school children sponsored by #MukulMadhavFoundation, (MMF), the NGO based in Pune. MMF’s team helped us locate this beneficiary through their rural resources.



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Pali Farmer Ramchandra Tukaram Shinde









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