Distributing warm woolen blankets on Mumbai streets

Today, early morning, before break of beautiful dawn, we distributed some woolen blankets on Mumbai streets.

Our donor, Shashi Chhabria, had asked me a few days ago to help her distribute warm blankets to the less privileged on our streets. I decided to use our bicycles, and rider pals, to do the needful, as I did not want to burn burn fossil fuels doing the same using our cars.

I asked my rider pal, some one we can depend on, Krish Captain, and Ekta, and his passionate velo enthu Pedal Bunnies’ riders (#PedalBunnies), to help Bicycle Angels’ do the needful.

And we did.

Post the distribution of woolen blankets, between Juhu and Mahim, one of our rider pal, told me, ‘Rakesh, … the smile on the face of the destitute woman, clearly a sign of her immense gratitude, when I handed her the woolen blanket, made our ride really worthwhile.”
Another rider pal told me, “… A destitute woman, who was picking up recyclable stuff off the pavements, I tried to hand a blanket to her but she showed me the one she had already received just a few moments ago, from our rider pal riding a little ahead of us, and she politely refused to accept another one.”

Such is the high values in some people who are far less privileged than us and either are forced to live and or work and walk our streets because of their unfortunate circumstances.

Every one who rode today thanked Shashi Chhabria for this opportunity we received to offer a few people a helping hand in this bitter cold weather.

#RakeshAnandBakshi #BicycleAngels #HumanityOurReligion

Pics below, before we embarked on our distribution ride and later post our ride at the Chaiwala at Worli. Krish was kind to gift our favorite Chai wala’s helper boy, Chotu, a blanket too. 🙂


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