158th recipient of help (livelihood bicycle) : “There is darkness in life, though there are many many lights. Only You… are the light for yourself, the brightest of all lights.”


158th recipient of help (livelihood bicycle) :

“There is darkness in life,
though there are many many lights.
Only You… are the light for yourself,
the brightest of all lights.”

Ajith Gorakhnath Patil. (22)


Ajith lives at Kokrud, Sangli. His father is a farmer, and his brother is a tractor-driver.

Ajith owned a bicycle in the past, during his teens, but could not buy a new one after it got old and rusted.
I asked him how he would benefit with the gift of this new bicycle. Ajith replied, “… a bicycle will not only help me commute, there is no public transport in and around our village, but riding one daily will be good for my health too. The daily exercise of riding a bicycle will be good for my body.”

Ajith is single. He hopes work opportunities will increase and improve by having his own bicycle, and someday he will be able to earn enough to get married.

Before brining light to others by becoming an Electrician, Ajith first lit the lamp within. For himself alone. He was a graduate.

“There is darkness in life
And there are many many lights.
Only You… are the light for yourself.
The brightest of all lights.”

I asked Ajith what made him make the choice of becoming an Electrician…? Considering he is a graduate he must have had more options, even though he lives in a small village. He replied, he was always interested in this profession ever since he was a teen.

Soon it was time for Ajith to leave. As I watched him embark on his new vehicle, with a renewed independence, I embraced many random thoughts. Maybe his village got electrified later than villages around, and maybe as a child enveloped by many hours of relentless darkness Ajith got tired of staring at darkness for too long. Did anything like that make him become interested in the massive power of Electricity ….?

Riding his new bicycle with a shy joy, Ajith soon disappeared from my sight. Only his bicycle’s tire tracks remained behind. Imprinted on the Zilla Parishad school ground that we both had stood on moments ago. The only mortal sign of our helping hand to him.

This bicycle was donated by Ankita and Himanshu Shah, on the occasion of their sons’ birthdays, Ayaan’s on Dec 25th and Ahaan’s on Dec 31st. Happy Birthday in advance dear Ayaan and Ahaan, from all of us. 🙂 Thank you dear Ankita and Himanshu.

Last December, Ahaan and Ayaan had donated a new bicycle to an old dhobi in Bandra, Mansaram ji. Ankita, their mother, had made it a point both her children hand the bicycle themselves to Mansaram ji, so that from an early age they get sensitized to doing charity with their own hands too. The accompanying picture is of Ahaan and Ayaan with Mansaram ji from last December. I reposted the moment as I love the way Ahaan is seated on the bicycle, and Ayaan leaning against it like a Hero, 😉 🙂 I love this pic.

This new bicycle was donated by us at Kokrud during our Pune to Ratnagiri Cyclothon in Dec 2015, It included a free medical health camp for nearly 3000 Zilla Parishand school children, sponsored by the NGO based in Pune, #MukulMadhavFoundation ; MMF. MMF helped us locate this beneficiary at Kokrud, through their rural sources.

Happy Xmas to all.

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