155th recipient of help- Too much, or too little, both are not good. There was a lesson from nature for us, in this, I thought.


155th recipient of help, a livelihood bicycle.

Bhagvan Suresh Atole. (45)


Bhagwan lives at Umbraj, Satara. There are 5 members in his family. I was glad that though he remains formally uneducated, both his children go to the Zilla Parishad school at Umbraj.

Bhagwan goes to the nearby Krishna river for fishing. He uses old sarees, and not professional nets, to fish. The income he manages to generate from catching fish daily from the river is not enough to buy nets. He sells the catch in and around Umbraj, by walking to a couple to small markets in the vicinity.

There are times when he does not catch any fish, even after spending 6 to 8 hours in the river, and sometimes he has no income for 20 to 25 days. This happens when there is too much water, monsoons, or when there is too little, during he summer months, in the river. Too much, or too little, both are not good. There was a lesson from nature for us, in this, I thought.

At such times, Bhagwan has to fall back on his little savings and or any daily wages random jobs to secure his savings.

A bicycle will save Bhagwan some walking hours, and the time he spares he feels he can spend some more time with his children and also do some extra rounds of the few markets in his locality.

I thought his daughter looked dam cute, seated on the bike’s goods carrier that her daddy had earned for himself from his good reputation in Umbraj. After all, he was recommended to MMF and me by the school authorities.

This new bicycle was donated by us during our Pune to Ratnagiri Cyclothon 2015, a free medical health camp for nearly 3000 Zilla Parishand school children, and was sponsored by the NGO #MukulMadhavFoundation; MMF.

This bicycle was donated by my childhood pals Dilnaz Gilder Dinyar J Gilder. MMF helped me identify this beneficiary in rural western Maharashtra. I met him at the Umbraj Zilla Parishad school. Thank you to all.

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