Amitab Bachchan, BBC Worldwide, Star Plus honor #BicycleAngels #RakeshAnandBakshi on Aaj Ki Raat Hai Zindagi

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Dear donor pals.
Mr Amitab Bachchan (the Producer BBC Worldwide and Star Plus) have honored us #BicycleAngels, on their TV show ‘Aaj Ki Raat Hai Zindagi – Ek Safar.’ (Hindi) #AajKiRaatHaiZindagi #AKRHZ

My brief interview with Mr. Bachchan, for our collective efforts, will showcase on their episode tomorrow:

29 th Nov
8 pm (30 minutes duration)
on Star Plus.

And I believe, by meeting me they have honored you and our beneficiaries for our collective efforts.


The episode on Bicycle Angels can be also be viewed on the web, by downloading the BlueStacks App and the Hotstar App (which is included in the BlueStacks App.)



One thought on “Amitab Bachchan, BBC Worldwide, Star Plus honor #BicycleAngels #RakeshAnandBakshi on Aaj Ki Raat Hai Zindagi

  1. I met this amazing man Azhar Maqsusi on the show. He feeds the poor hungry. DAILY. I respect him immensely, and i felt humble, because, everyone may not ride a bicycle. But every living being, even cats and dogs, cockroaches and lizzards too, know hunger, at least five times a day humans are visited by hunger. However, some do not get even a meal a day. And he feeds them!!!!! DAILY. My salute to Azhar. he is being showcased on this episode too. And he does not care which party is ruling at the center and he does not feel insecure. He feeds people without asking which faith they belong to. BECAUSE HUNGER SPARES NONE!

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