I became a #WaterTaxi today. Hope you be one too someday. #RakeshAnandBakshi #BicycleAngels



I realized lately, thanks to Bicycle Angels, that the less privileged get water for all purposes, but rarely they have access to good drinking water.

But Thanks to my pals Vinayak and Siddhi I realized we privileged beings can donate drinking water to those who live or work off streets when we commute. Especially when we travel daily.

So I bought a water bottle today and handed it to a kid. He was a street performer and his name was Ram. He was from Phalton, Maharashtra.

I hope you lovely peeps do the same, someday, and if you would like to send us a selfie with the bottle you donated, any where in the world you may be, post it in this group along with your thoughts and who you are.

As for about me, I am just an average Joe and I am an author a writer and an aspiring filmmaker. 🙂

And now I am also a happy #WaterTaxi I hope you be one too.




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