149th recipient of help (a walking aid): “By being of good use to someone we can become people of great value. To ourselves too.”

149th recipient of help (a walking aid):

“By being of good use to someone we can become people of great value. To ourselves too.”

Kaveri Kamble (teen)

Kaveri has CP (Cerebral Palsy). She has speech impediment, and cannot walk.

So far, she was being carried around by her parents. Almost Everywhere. However, growing older she has already become too large, and probably too heavy too, to carry even short distances.

I have friends, and even some new acquaintances, in our group who have been wanting to buy any needy person a wheelchair, which normally costs Rs 6000. However, by giving Kaveri a wheelchair, her weak legs will lose the only other opportunity they still have to work hard themselves to grow strong.

By giving Kaveri a walking aid instead, that costs far less than a wheelchair, we give her legs the opportunity and chance to gradually, and eventually, get strong enough to carry her dreams on her own shoulders and two legs. And she can one day become truly independent, not needing the support of another human around her to walk towards her daily needs and even her long term goals.

Kaveri’s brother is studying Hotel management. Her father is employed someplace and they live at Wadala.

When Asha Kamble admitted her daughter Kaveri at ADAPT (school) in Bandra west eight years ago, she would wait outside the school for nearly half a day to take Kaveri back home after school.

I think, it was Asha who decided on her own accord that instead of wasting her time waiting outside the school staring at life go by, she should volunteer at the school. Encouraged by the principal, she did a course in taking care of special children and then took up a volunteers’ job at ADAPT.

I felt, Asha Kamble feels a deep satisfaction serving children who face challenges similar to her daughter’s. Bringing up a challenged child herself, especially a girl, she will be able to serve such children ably.

Asha smiled as she said this to me. One of those that lingers especially long because it is born from a place of high self-esteem. She was proud of her decision, I felt. By being of good use to someone we can become people of great value. To ourselves too. I thought.

If being of good use to others is what donors really do, for me, Asha Kamble is a donor too.

Long after I left the school, I thought, Kaveri is the daughter of a woman who decided to be of good use to challenged souls. Those beyond her own challenged-soul. Because I saw two challenged souls here, Kaveri and her mother. It must be emotionally and physically draining being the mother of one.

Kaveri is a teenager. In a few years she will be an adult. I asked her mother, what her dreams are for her daughter?

If her child was not special, her mother would have probably told me looking up at the sky, “… I want my child to be a Pilot, a CA, an actor, an astronaut …”

However, many parents of CP children often have one particular life-ambition for their child: “I want her to be able to go to the toilet on her own. I hope she can do that while I am alive. Because after I die who will do such things for her?”

“I want him to be able to go to the toilet on his own… She should be able to wear her underwear and other under-clothes on her own before she becomes an adult.” – I have heard this often from mothers of CP children. Yet, I cry each and every time.

Thank you to Seema (Dr Satish Gupte) Shrikhande for buying this walking aid for Kaveri.




Our recipients of help: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.357090647765413&type=1

(PS – Rs 3000 is what it takes to donate a new bicycle; yes, because the balance, 2000 to 2500, is contributed by the recipient. 🙂 )

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