147th donation of livelihood bicycle – #BicycleAngels #RakeshAnandBakshi


147th recipient of help (livelihood bicycle – Organised by Prashant Neha Taneja, Gurgaon):

Darshan Lal (45) Security Guard

Darshan Lal is from Arroda, district Morena, Madhya Pradesh.

Darshan Lal and his brothers use to do farming when he was young in their village till the time their father was alive. His father did two marriages so he did not get much from parental stuff even their farms were sold off when his father felt ill in order to bear the medical expenses. After that he had no fixed source of income and he started working as worker on daily wages in his own village. He had three children, who were studying at that time. Despite trying hard, he could not meet his daily expenses. For the betterment of his children and family, Darshan Lal came to Gurgaon, leaving his family in the village, and started working here as a daily worker. He use to do all sorts of work that he got in this time of need be it painter or a mason or anything else. He earned hardly 60 rs a day, even this was not sufficient for him and his family.

Six years back, he got into a security company via some broker whom he had to pay some part of his salary for some time in lue of his job. But finally he started getting a fixed salary. Slowly, his life began to settle down a little bit, and he married his elder son, his younger son is studying in 7th standard. He then called his wife and one son to Gurgaon. His son goes to a coaching class and also does a part time job to support his coaching and his father. Darshan and and his son both walk down approx. 5 kms in morning to get a convence to work and then hire a public transport to reach the destination.

Now with this new cycle both father and son would cover 5km of distance together and save some time and energy.

For us this is just a cycle made up of metal frame and rubber tyres but when we handed over the keys to Darshan lal, he worship the cycle as if it’s a God. This act really amazed me and I had feeling of satisfaction that he will take of it very well.

During the conversation Darshan lal reflected that he is pretty much satisfied with his current nature of job since for him just getting a fixed salary is much better when compared to his past life where he could barely earn 60rs a day…………………………..and what we are seeing around us that most of the people are running after money and seems to be unsatisfied with what they currently have, no matter how good they earn and how well settled they are.

Thanks a ton to my friend Amish Gupta, who came forward willingly to finance this bicycle for Darshan Lal.

Through this humble deed I think we have added yet another member in the chain of the many donors who support Rakesh’s Bicycle Angels’ efforts to help less privileged people earn a better livelihood.

Rakesh Anand Bakshi and his donors’ (of Bicycle Angels), and their good work, is behind my own motivation for helping less privileged people in and around Gurgaon. And I hope to help many others like them in future as and when I am able.

– Prashant Neha Taneja (Gurgaon)

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