145th recipient – Ravinder Singh lost everything he had earned. Including, what money cannot buy, izzat. Respect.


145th recipient of help (livelihood bicycle – Organised by Prashant Neha Taneja, Gurgaon):

“Kismat – Jindagi kaanto ka safar hai, haunsla easki pachan hai, raste pe to sab chalte hain, jo rasta banaye vahi insaan hai.

Ravinder Singh aka Vakil Saahab (50) – Sr. Security Guard

Ravinder Singh popularly also known as ‘Vakil sahib’ is B. Sc., LLB and has practiced law for around 20 years and was very happy in his life when he was practicing law.

He has four kids, 2 elder daughters, married in good families and 2 sons. Everything was smooth till Ravinder Singh got trapped into a fake case and was disbarred from practice. This incident turned everything upside down, destroyed the life he once knew, as Ravinder Singh lost everything he had earned. Including, what money cannot buy, Respect.

To get over his past and give a new start to his life he migrated to Gurgaon where his elder son lived. After some time he started working as a security guard for SLV, working the 12 hours shift to earn a living. He is known to us society members since last six years and we have found him fulfilling all his duties responsibly and smilingly.

Sometimes people yell at him or scold him for something or the other but he never argues back, and replies them patiently with his now well known smile, which he always carries on his face, in spite of his past suffering. He has accepted his fate and has learnt to live the new life, however deprived, with a constant smile00. On asking him about his past he says, “Kya kar sakte hain, sab uppar wale ki marzi hai, kismat mai yahi likha tha” and also says that now he is used to it and likes to meet people and speak to them in this new world he now lives in.

Last month his old cycle was stolen and he had to walk approx. 6 kms to his work place. Considering his age, this cycle would help him save time and energy, I thought, and felt he is deserving of our little help.

Thanks a ton to Anit Guatam (brother of my colleague Nitin Gautam), who came forward willingly to finance this bicycle for Ravinder Singh.

Through this humble deed I think we have added yet another member in the chain of the many donors who support Rakesh’s Bicycle Angels’ efforts to help less privileged people earn a better livelihood.

Rakesh Anand Bakshi and his donors’ (of Bicycle Angels), and their good work, is behind my own motivation for helping less privileged people in and around Gurgaon. And I hope to help many others like them in future as and when I am able.

– Prashant Neha Taneja (Gurgaon)


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