140th recipient of help (livelihood bicycle- Gurgaon Chapter):


Arun Kishor (20)

Security Guard (in our society – Orchid Petals, Gurgaon.)

Arun Kishore is a resident of Etawa UP and has completed his graduation this year. He is the eldest son and has a younger brother and two sisters studying in Etawa.

His father is a farmer and does seasonal farming, thus there is no consistent source of income in the family. Moreover the weather conditions in India do not leave much profit to the small scale farmers. In order to support the studies and upbringing of younger brother and sister he decided to move out of his village and came to Gurgaon in search of a better and more consistent livelihood.

Arun is a security guard in our society and works from 8AM – 8PM and is hardly left with any time to do anything else.

Arun is very shy in nature and was very hesitant to share his problems with me. We could not do much for him but can extend our help to save his precious time that he spends walking every day in order to commute to work and we decided to help him by buying him a new bicycle.
We wish him a bright future and healthy life.

Rakesh Anand Bakshi and his donors’ (of Bicycle Angels) , their good work, is behind my own motivation for helping less privileged people like Arun and his family, and I hope to help many others like him as and when I am able.

Thanks a ton to my colleague Nitin Gautam, who came forward to finance the bicycle for Arun on his own accord. Through this humble deed we have added yet another member in the chain of the many helpers who support Bicycle Angels’ efforts to help less privileged people earn a better livelihood.



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