My feelings and experiences from my Pune to Ratnagiri 350 kms charity ride.

Yesterday I visisted a semi-rural school, and remembered this ride and moments.

Bicycle Angels

FullSizeRender (3)

Post my nearly 350-400 kms trip, a bicycle charity-ride from Pune to Ratnagiri, over 6 days, riding nearly 50 to 70 kms daily, (on which my friends, and family and the NGO donated 9 livelihood bicycles to needy and rural people, across 6 towns and villages of Maharashtra, Pune, Umbraj, Kokrud, Pali, Ratnagiri, along with the NGO Mukul Madhav Foundation);
some of my friends asked me, ‘So, What was the trip and ride like?’

Well, the cycling was great, but so was the experience of knowing these children, up close.

Quite many lessons and feelings from my ride across five towns of Maharashtra, I decided to share today.

Every Zilla Parishad school I visited, four, as an observer and not a social worker, I noticed everywhere the midday meal was exactly the same; Dal and Rice. No chatni, no papad, no achaar, no onions, none of the frills I regularly…

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