Story of a cyclist and trees. Fallen angels.

The story of a cyclist and trees.

I have been riding in the rains daily since a week. Never before have I seen as many ‘fallen trees’ as many I have witnessed over the last three days.

After a while, the sight of trees fallen by the wayside, on streets, on pavements, inside premises, saddened me. Yes, I began to feel very sad on my rides.

Because, these once-beautiful-majestic-trees, their plight now, their slow deaths, their painfully twisted and mangled branches, cracked trunks, many trees were still partially breathing and even had their colorful flowers in tact, (I am certain if i went closer to them they would still have some fragrance and color to share with me) somehow made me think of so many people who get, mangled, broken, destroyed, by life.

Including myself. There have been times in my life I felt defeated by emotional issues that overwhelmed me..
I too then felt, even fell, just like these trees then. Somehow, with my parents’ help and my own spirit at times, I remained rooted and thus survived.

Alas, most of these trees i saw dying gradually in Mahableshwar and Munbai will not. Like thousands of people whose back and spirit breaks forever for reasons beyond their strengths and control, just like the tempest winds and storms of skywaters broke so many trees that once sang to the skies and danced with clouds.

RIP dear trees. Love.

–  Rakesh Anand BakshiFallen Angels


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