116th recipient – Initiated by Prashant Neha Taneja, Gurgaon.


A voluntary intiative by Prashant Neha Taneja, inspired by Bicycle Angel’s donors. He located this recipient and gathered a pool of donors, on his own accord, inspired by us.

Therefore, I permitted Prashant to post his donation and deed here. Not that I do not post about strangers who do less or more for the less privileaged across the world. – Rakesh.

(116th recipient of help (livelihood bicycle) – Gurgaon Chapter, by Prashant Neha Taneja):

Life is full of difficulties specially for those who are under privileged and fall below the line of poverty; even a drop of help will bring happiness to someone’s life and will ease out some of their daily problems.

Our sharing of these instances is not intended to show that we have been helping people, but to motivate others to break their shells and extend their helping hand. Like Bicycle Angels’ donors motivated me.

Bicycle Angel’s donors is my motivation for help. I came to know through Raksh’s articles on Beautiful Bicycles Beautiful People/ and Bicycle Angels (Donate a ‘livelihood’ bicycle/a bike.), and decided to pitch in, in my own humble manner, with some help from some precious people I could reach out here at Gurgaon.

Recipient – Dinesh Dubey (31)
Security Guard in our society – Orchid Petals, Gurgaon.

Mr.Dinesh Dubey is a security guard, he and his brother spend around 40 bucks daily to commute to their work to earn their living. Both brothers are working hard to bring up their family and satisfy their daily family needs.

Now both of them will commute on their own vehicle – a bicycle. They are happy to have it, since now onwards they would be saving approx. 1200 per month! which is quite significant for them and their family.

I do not have words to explain their feelings, happiness and respect that reflected on his face when he received our tiny help, and that man was teary eyed while talking to us the next day as he commuted to work on this bicycle.
I am not a writer and always fall short of words, in fact sentences when it comes to describing their feelings. I wish I was one.

Thanks a lot to Gauri Agrawal and Skilled Samaritan Foundation for giving me two cycles which I could donate to people post their repair.

I am also thankful to my team and my colleagues ( Sanoop Yadav ) who extended their help and contributed towards this noble work inspired by the donors of Bicycle Angels.
– Prashant Neha Taneja. Gurgaon.)



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