The Baraff wala. A disappearing profession in Mumbai.


The Baraff wala.

Subedar.An ‘Ice Man’ with a bullock-cart and a bike.

The bullock cart driven ice cart, a gradually disappearing profession from our childhood years. I happened to meet him on my bicycle ride to south Mumbai this morning.

Subedar-ji has an old bike all rusted and he uses it to deliver ice from shop to shop.
(His old bike can be partially seen, parked behind his bullock-cart in this photo I clicked this morning.)
He uses a bullock cart to carry the large quantity and his bike to deliver smaller orders.

He refused our offer to help him get a new bike. Content with his old one. A content man, I thought of him. Moreover, after politely refusing our offer for help, he held my hand to convey he is humble and not arrogant in refusing our offer. A deserving man, I thought further of him.

If anyone staying in south mumbai ever wants to feed a cow, (Gau seva) you may feed his. He has a bull, I think, not a cow. And his ribs could be counted. 😦 So, I thought I should share this post with you all. (His number +91 98-92-157929 )

Subedar rides his bullock cart at around 6.15 and 6.45 am in tardeo and mahalaxmi race course areas on road going towards mahalaxmi station. He parks his bullock cart opp one of the gates of the racecourse.

We going to donate a bike to him. 🙂 Definitely, someday soon!

When I was a kid, we would run behind the ice man riding his bullock cart. We would place our hand under his cart so that drops of melted cold water kiss our warm hands, sometimes rubbing the melted ice cold water on our burning faces in the sunday noon summer holidays heat. We waited for him everyday, and it is our ears that first announced his arrival, the jingles of the bells around his bull’s neck, calling out to us children to come share his melted ice water with us.


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