103rd recipient – How can I ask him for my old bicycle back. I had donated it to him.


103 dabbang vijay patil

103rd recipient of help (livelihood bicycle). Gentleman Dabbang Vijay Patil.

Dabbang Vijay Patil was the 76th recipient of help from our donors, KS, Deb Mohan and Beni Kithan; Dabbang Patil too contributed towards the cost of the bicycle donated to him by my three friends.

However, a few months after that, one day when Dabbang Patil had gone to deliver milk at Currey Road Station, after LOCKING his precious new bicycle, for which he too had contributed, some evil mind stole his bicycle!
He said he ran around and asked around if anyone saw someone take his bicycle, Sadly, no one saw or heard anything, he lamented to me, when he called me up to report the theft. He did not call me to ask me for money to help him buy another bike, but I think just to share in his sadness. I listened to him in silence and did not promise him anything about helping him again. I told him maybe he can take back the bicycle he has donated to his friend and I can buy his friend an old used bicycle in good condition. He did not comment on my unsolicited advice and our chat ended.

Many days tuned to nights…. even temperatures fell down from highs….. nights got longer… until this morning, around 6 am I saw him at the very same spot I had first spotted him, at worli, riding to work on a brand new bicycle.

Naturally, I stopped to chat with him, and he informed me he purchased a new bicycle, (from his savings). He did not ask me for money this time too, he was happy he was able to.
I asked him why did he simply not ask his friend back for his old bike with the assurance I am willing to buy his friend a second hand bicycle within a week.
He replied, ‘With what face can I ask a friend back for what I gifted him. I rather buy another one for myself than go back on what I gifted my poor neighbor.’

After finding out Dabbang Vijay Patil had paid almost Rs 5500 for the new bicycle, I decided to help him. I promised to contribute nearly as much as he had contributed when we had donated a new bicycle to him.

Read his brief story about why in the first place we had donated a new bicycle to him, to put into context why my donor pals decided to help him a second time https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152529344903213&set=gm.446017528872724&type=1&theater

Moreover, after he had received a new bicycle from my three donor pals, he had voluntarily donated his old bicycle to his poorer neighbor who sells flowers outside Siddhivinayak mandir. That gesture on his part alone had made him, for my donor pals, worthy of being helped a second time, I think.

Thank you Dr Niraj Vora, Surabhi Shah, Nishant Patel, Ekta Turakhiya, Saket Ojha, and myself, for assisting Vijay Dabbang Patil this time, a second time; (and of course, thank you to KS, and Deb and Beni, for being the first ones to assist a most deserving vendor like him.) Nishant dedicated his donation to his wife and parents. 🙂

I must say, the recipients so far feel fortunate they received help from our donors. Because, they have told me, time and again, no one in this world other than us has even offered them a new bike for their livelihood purpose. Never!!! However, there are few recipients like Dabbang Vijay Patil, and even like the 102nd recipient,

and even the 11th recipient, Sirtaj Ahmed Mian, https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151953217203213&set=gm.329823507158794&type=1&theater

in such cases it is we who felt fortunate we could help them in our humble way. Because often my donor pals graciously confessed to me, via messages on my phone or inbox, or emails, that it is they who have felt fortunate that they could be of some help to someone someplace they probably would have never reached. 🙂

(PS – Rs 3000 is what it takes to donate a new bicycle; yes, because the balance, 2000 to 2500, is contributed by the recipient. )


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