101st recipient – Its about what you think about what you have.




Milk Dwarika Prasad ekta nishant ajay p


101st recipient of help (livelihood bicycle) : It isn’t what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or makes you miserable or unhappy; it is what you think about what you have.

Dwarka Prasad. (55)

Milk seller.

Dwarka is from UP. His father was a milk seller too, and when he grew weak due to illness, to save the family’s only source of livelihood Dwarka took over his father’s profession. Because Dwarka had failed the 12th std, he thought this is the only job he can possibly do well, and a profession his father has already set up in south Mumbai over decades, so he arrived in Mumbai 20 years ago to take over his father’s profession when he was 19.

When Dwarka began in this profession, he would walk and deliver milk. Now he is training his son to be in this profession, so his son walks along with him to learn the route.

Dwarka has a family of two sons. His younger son is a farmer back in the village. But it is his profession, of delivering milk, that has sustained his family so far, not agriculture.

Dwarka told me, smiling, ‘I have been, from the beginning, a content person, I make do with little happily; I am a karam yogi, a doer, a man of deeds, and not one who will beg, but one who acts on his needs by deeds.’

Dwarka came across to me as a man of immense self pride and dignity. He sat opposite me with straight shoulders; his bicycle had sagged over the years, not his spirit. He was often smiling, and even laughing, while speaking with me. I thoroughly enjoyed helping him, through the kindness of our donors.

I asked Dwarka if he would like to donate his old bicycle to someone needy, now that he will soon have a new one. However, his old bicycle was in such a bad state, that he replied ‘I would have, probably, but it’s not worthy of being donated to another person, as it will only cost the receiver much in constant repairs. So I rather not.’ He smiled.

I asked Dwarka what does he think is his best quality?;
He replied, smiling, ‘Well, I always manage with whatever came my way. Whenever I had less I managed within that. I did not complain about not having any more. The day I could not eat more than a vada pau, I ate it with a smile.’

Dwarka has probably never taken a step beyond the spread of his legs. However, he has never stopped walking, nor running, even though his humble legs could never reach out far enough.

Well said, Dwarkaji, I thought looking at this graying man with bright eyes, so true is what you speak so casually. It isn’t what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or makes you miserable or unhappy; it is what you think about what you have.
And you, Dwarkaji, have what many would pay lots to possess, not realizing what he has is something no coinage from any mint can ever purchase. However, it can be earned. 🙂

Thank you Simmi Kehr, Nishant Patel and Ajay Parswani, for purchasing this bicycle for Dwarkaji. Simmi dedicated her donation to her dear mother in law respected Late Mrs Rachna Devi Kehr; and Nishant and Ajay dedicated their donation to their children.
Dwarkaji contributed substantially towards the purchase of this bicycle.

Thank you to Kohinoor Cycles (http://kohinoorcyclestores.blogspot.com/) Siddharth Vora (https://www.facebook.com/siddharth.vora.58?fref=ts) for the good discount and service.
Thank you to Gazi and Siddharth for sending me his pic with the bike.


(PS – Rs 3000 is what it takes to donate a new bicycle; yes, because the balance, 2000 to 2500, is contributed by the recipient. 🙂 )


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