Bicycle Angels’s Idli Walas. A new initiative.

my bike Mani idli

‘Bicycle Angles’ Idli walas.’
Our new initiative! This Diwali. Happy Diwali.

Mani, an idliwala we had in the past donated a bicycle to,
( )
will feed 3 random and poor street people ‘idli sambhar chatni’ every day.

One plate costs rs 10.

Mani sells idlis in bandra from his bicycle daily from 7 am to 11 am. He will feed the needy during his regular work hours and regular route, so no extra effort on his part, and he too will earn his living as he cooks these himself.

This concept to increase the natural embrace of Bicycle Angels arrived to me thanks to my dear friend Siddhi. It was her passion to feed the poor, daily, that fired and motivated this non profit service. Love.

(PS – We will not serve beggars at traffic signals. etc. But serve the destitute who not found begging, is thankfully what even Mani Anna believed in.)


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