40th recipient of livelihood bicycle (a personal adapted roadster donated by a rider pal)

40 gardner rajendra bhosle

40th Recipient of livelihood (an adapted-roadster) bicycle.

Name: Rajendra Bhosle. 45.
(Village, Phalton, Sholapur.)

Profession: Gardener. Works as one (house keeper cum gardener) at a Guest House at Bhilar Village, Taluka – Mahableshwar.
Bicycle donated: ‘Super Express’ Made In India.

In January, when Nicolas offered his personal ‘Super Express’ roadster bicycle to my charity, without any specific criteria whom I should donate it to, he said ….‘I trust you will give it to someone worthy …’ etc;
In a flash, I realized that his beautiful bike, which has such a wonderful hand-paint job on it which is so fascinating and beautiful, I felt that ideally it should be donated to someone who will not use it/need it to carry heavy loads on it, particularly any load or materials that can scratch the beautiful-colorful-hand-paint job on it. I thought we should give it to someone who needs a bike mostly to transport himself to work, and who now and then transports any kind of light weight stuff for his personal use or for his profession’s needs.

I know that Rajendra had a permanent job, since 2002, of a gardener cum looking after a private guest house in the same residential colony where I reside in Mahableshwar; but the holiday-home/guest house ceased business a couple of months ago, and though he remains employed with them he is insecure about his future as the owner has not conveyed how long he will keep paying him his salary even though his guest house has shut completely. So I thought this bike will definitely be of good use to him, as it will help him save on his transportation cost.

Moreover, his adult son, Sagar, will ride it too. Sagar is soon graduating as a motor mechanic, a degree course, and is a student who gets marks in the range of 70 percent; A boy deserving of help, I reasoned with myself. Father and son will use the bike, on and off, so I felt quite satisfied that Nicolas’s donation will not be wasted, as this bike will be used by two persons within the same family.
Thank you to Nicolas, for this donation to Rajendra on my personal request.

“Nicolas, I rode your sweetheart of a bicycle for nearly a month, almost every weekend, as I could not travel to Bhilar to hand it to Rajendra all of last month; I loved the rides so much, that I am seriously tempted to buy a similar roadster-bike for myself!, and ask a dear pal to hand-paint her for me; I will name her, ‘Indian Express – Bicycle Angel.’ Regards.”

Also thanks to Faisal Thakur of Pro 9, and his brother Khalid, for dismantling the bike for me, so that I can transport it to Bhilar in the boot of my car.



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